Four Reasons You Should Refer a Friend

Friend ReferralThere are a number of reasons why companies encourage their current employees to refer people for open positions. One of the main reasons is that we surround ourselves with likeminded people. If you are a highly valued employee, then chances are you have a friend who could potentially be another valuable employee for the company.

However, even with the encouragement of employers, only a handful of people actually refer their friends. People come up with various reasons not to refer their friends, but this shouldn’t stop you from doing so.

If you’re still reluctant to refer your friends to your company, here are some reasons why it’s a good idea.

It’s better for the company – Any successful company achieved its status because of the great people who worked hard to get results for the company. A company is more likely to find people who can help it succeed if its best workers refer other good workers. Your company will not be the only one who will reap the benefits; as the company grows, so will your career.

They have a better chance at the job – Most employers trust referrals more than a random job application. Your friend will have better chance of getting a call back to prove what he or she can bring to the company.

A person you can trust – There are those who enjoy having the company of their friends at the office. If you are one of those people, then this is the perfect time for you to refer a friend and have a person at work who will always have your back. This is especially beneficial in team environments, where people need to have trust and work well together.

Your friend will remember – You might be at a comfortable point in your life right now, but you never know when you might find yourself in a rough patch. Helping a friend will bring nothing but good “career karma” to your life. The next time that you need help, you know your friend will gladly return the favor.

Helping a friend is something you should never hesitate to do. You might not love your job right now, but you never know—this might be the dream job your friend has always wanted.

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Alan Carniol

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