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Applying for a Nonprofit Job: What You Need to Know

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Applying for a Nonprofit JobOnce you’ve decided you want to work in a nonprofit organization, there are multiple factors you need to consider. If you’re out to improve the community or even the world, here’s what you need to know.

Job UnhappinessAs jobs go, there will always be things that won’t make you happy. The range of possibilities for things that can contribute might look like a bad boss, irritating work peers, flaky company or funky work tasks.

Team Environment InterviewHave you ever been on a team where the effort wasn’t equal? If so, you should be able to answer this question. If you haven’t run into this issue, here are some simple tips to consider:

Office PoliticsUg, workplace politics. If there was ever a reason to pull the duvet back over your head and go back to sleep on a weekday, this would be it.

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Planning a One-on-One Networking Meeting

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One-on-One Networking MeetingWho says you need to attend a large event just to make connections? Believe it or not, building your network shouldn’t be difficult if you enjoy getting to know new people. Networking can take you to so many places — and you might even land your next dream job because of it.

Interview products and servicesIf you think this question is a no-brainer, think again. Job seekers usually fail to answer this question well.

What about you? How well do you really know a company’s products and services?

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Common Job Search Frustrations to Conquer

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Job Search Frustrations to ConquerHaving the right attitude is important in order to build your career successfully. Though you may have what they’re looking for, it won’t take you that far if you don’t know how to react with optimism.

short and long-term goalsKnowing (or not knowing) what you really want in life can make or break your interview. Read on to learn how to tackle this question.

Acing Interview Questions That Dont Have a Right Answer Believe it or not, some hiring managers prefer throwing out an oddball interview question just to throw you off. Though these silly questions may not have a right answer, it is important not to lose your composure. Keep your cool and you’ll ace the question like a pro.

Sales InterviewIn a sales interview, behavioral questions shouldn’t be a surprise. Hiring managers want to explore your abilities in the key competencies needed to be successful in a sales job. When asked about these skills during the interview, it is important to know specific key points.

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