Online Venues You Can Use to Get the Attention of Recruiters

Ways to Get Noticed by RecruitersThere is no denying the power of the internet. It gives people access to vast information online. It also helps job seekers to create venues for recruiters to find them. The next step is to help recruiters find you.

When we’re driving, the billboards that we immediately notice are the biggest ones, and we only see the small ones later on. So, how do you apply that to marketing yourself online to recruiters? Easy! Create big billboards on the busiest highways.


LinkedIn is the biggest social networking site for professionals. You can set up an account that can act as your resume. Fill in the necessary information like you would with a regular resume. Highlight your strengths and accomplishments so that when recruiters see your profile, they can see if you are a good fit for the job.

After creating a good profile that will catch the attention of recruiters, the next step is to connect with industry professionals who are not within your network. Get the attention of recruiters by providing tips or answering the questions of others.


Forums are one of the oldest places where like-minded people gather. Being active at your favorite forum and helping others can allow you to form relationships that can land you a job or even a business venture. It also helps you market yourself through a signature; the more posts you have, the more people will see your signature or ad. Maximize the use of your signature to help you get noticed by prospective employers.


If you have the ability to write great content, blogging is another tool you can use to market yourself to recruiters. If you are in IT security, for example, then writing about security tips for average users can be a way to get your name out there. Share your blog through social media channels, with the objective of getting a recruiter to see the blog.

If you think that you are not that into writing, being active and leaving comments on industry blogs can certainly help to get your name out.

Job Boards

These sites are a great place to maintain an active presence. There are multiple ways to take advantage of them. Create a keyword-optimized resume so that when recruiters search for capable employees, you will be on their radar.

Other Social Sites

There are many other online outlets that you can use to increase your presence online. Do research on where industry professionals go on the internet. Determine how you can use these websites to your advantage. Think of ways you can get the attention of recruiters in your field through these sites.

Continuous Effort

When considering all of the websites in which you decided to establish a web presence, it can feel overwhelming. The important thing is to plan your efforts. Prioritize your efforts, and check to see if your work is paying off; if not, then focus elsewhere.

After creating a solid plan to get the attention of recruiters through these online channels, be diligent in executing your action plan. This is not something that you will do for one day and expect immediate results. It can take time, but do not be discouraged; keep at it, and someday you will land an interview. When that time comes, do not waste the opportunity. Prepare for the interview well and make a positive impression.