Job Search Burnout

I want to talk about something that can kill your chances in your next job interview and stretch your job search. I’m talking about job search burn out.

After all your hard work applying and interviewing, often the only response is silence. It can seem like you’re getting rejected over and over again. And at times, that just hurts.  


Yet, this self-doubt. You must defeat it.  Otherwise, it will show up in your interviews and prevent you from landing the offers you deserve.

Here are some steps to help you.

1. Recognize, it’s not your fault.

Listen, given the economy today, it’s easy to see that you’re not to blame for the challenging job market. Lots of people are facing a tough time.

2. Take stock. Reconnect.

The skills related to job searching are not the ones that allow you to provide healthcare, or teach, or manage an organization’s finances, or your chosen field.

So don’t let job searching diminish your skills and accomplishments.

Think about those strengths that you bring to a job each day. Then think of those work experiences you’ve had in the past that you are most proud of.

Those are the experiences you’re offering your employer, not simply the words on your resume.

Then stock of your search as well. What’s worked. What hasn’t.

3. If something is not working, try something different.

Even though the economy stinks, you are still the person who has to make your next job happen. So, if you’ve been trying one strategy, and it hasn’t been working, try something different.

If you’ve been describing yourself and your accomplishments one way, try another approach.

If you’ve just been submitting resumes online, go to professional association events instead. Or start meeting with folks for coffee (as we discussed last week).

Just keep trying.

4.  Remember you’re not alone.

A job comes down to a relationship between you and an employer. And like all relationships, it’s about people.

There are people out there who want to help you, IF you make a specific enough request of them (e.g. introduce me to person A, or take my dog for a walk on Wednesday at 4pm  - not simply “get me a job.”)

In addition to people, there are lots of other resources at your disposal. Just take a look for them.

If you are feeling burned out from the job search, take a breath to look around and regain your footing using these tips.