7 Ways an E-mail Can Hurt Your Job Search

Using E-mail on Your Job SearchThere are various tools available for communication, and one of the most important ones is e-mail. Today, e-mail is used daily for every type of communication. It is an important channel for every job seeker, giving him or her the ability to submit resumes and follow up on job applications.

However, there are things that you need be wary of with e-mail in order to avoid hurting your chances when looking for a job.

Unprofessional E-mail Address

The first time you signed up for an e-mail account, you didn’t think too much about the address, or perhaps you and your wife decided to share an address, putting both of your names in. However, using this e-mail address to send your resume or to follow up on your application will really make you stand out, though not necessarily in a good way. If your name was on the short list, they will remember you as This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., rather than by your skills and experience.

E-mail Signatures

If you have a small business or you are supporting a cause, do not leave these e-mail signatures when responding to an employer. Otherwise, you will risk sending the wrong impression.

Unusual Fonts or Designs

You didn’t like the default font used by your e-mail provider and decided to change it up. However, the interviewer doesn’t like the font you chose because it made it harder to read your message, thus influencing their decision. How good a font looks to you doesn’t matter; what matters is your professionalism.

Anti-Spam Features

You want to be cautious and don’t want your e-mail flooded with spam, so everyone who e-mails you needs to go through the trouble of dealing with anti-spam features. However, you need to remember that employers value their time, and if they have to waste time getting through your anti-spam features, they might just move on to the next candidate instead.

Taking Shortcuts

Every day you are sending your cover letter and resume to a lot of employers. This feels like a lot of work, so you sent your resume to multiple employers all at once. In the end, you are only hurting your chances of getting an interview.

Spam Folder

Sometimes e-mails get lost and end up in the spam folder. An employer invited you for an interview, but because their e-mail went to the spam folder, you didn’t have the chance to respond and prove yourself. Take the time to go through the spam just in case an important e-mail gets there, so that you will be able to respond immediately.


If you are looking to change jobs and are currently scouting for a job, do not use work time to do your job search. Set aside time after work to conduct your search; even if you don’t like your current job anymore, it is still important to be professional and do your job.

Companies have IT departments that monitor computer activity. Using the company e-mail to do anything related to your job search will put your current job at risk. There are a lot of free e-mail providers, and it is easy to create an e-mail account for your job search.

E-mail is a great communication tool; however, you need to use it wisely to make it work in your favor. Take advantage of technology in your job search and use it to prepare for your interview.