The Right Interview Mindset

Interview MindsetSome people who fail in interviews are their own worst enemy. They spend the entire interview hoping that by luck or divine intervention they will get the job offer.  They have the wrong interview mindset.

If you want to get hired, you have to walk into the interview with a different mindset.

The winning interview mindset is different in three main ways. First, you see yourself as worthy of this job. Fundamentally, an employer pays employees because employees bring more value to the table than their paycheck.

You must recognize that your talents and experience make you a valuable asset to an employer. If you feel that the hiring manager is doing you a favor by giving you a job, you won’t get an offer. You will look nervous and uncomfortable in the job interview. Instead recognize that a hiring manager needs help, and you are the person who can provide that help.

Second, you need to believe you can actually get this job.  Visualize yourself getting the job offer. You wouldn’t be called in for interview if you weren’t a serious candidate.  Change your mindset until you feel that you’ve earned this job and deserve it.

Being asked for the interview is itself an accomplishment. It demonstrates that you are being seriously considered for the position. All that’s left is proving that you’re the right person. Visualize yourself being the right person. Imagine getting the job offer and what success feels like.

Now all that’s left is proving to the interviewer that you are the right person and you bring value to the table. 

When you walk into the interview, you need to have a certain focus; you intend to prove over the course of the conversation why you are the right person for the job.  You will demonstrate your skills, passion and fit for the job before the interview ends.  You will make sure that in your answers, you show these skills and back them up with evidence.  By the end of the interview, you will feel that you have hit the essential notes that prove what you have to offer.

336x280An interview can determine where you will spend most of you waking hours for the next few years of your life.

Yes, there is some luck involved in the hiring process, but if you are counting on luck to get you the job, you’re thinking about the interview the wrong way.  The winning interview mindset is different.

The right interview mindset requires you to recognize your value, to believe in yourself and your ability to succeed, and to bring focus into the interview. Be ready to prove what you have to offer.