Reasons Why You Aren’t Hearing Back after a Great Interview

Interview ProblemsA week ago, you received a call to come in for a scheduled interview. As a job seeker, you did all of the necessary preparations any good job seeker would do: research the company, prepare questions, dress your best, and practice answers to common questions. On the day of the interview, all of your efforts paid off; you feel you did well because they said they would be in touch soon. Yet after a few weeks go by... still no call.

There is nothing worse for a job seeker than waiting for a response from a company after a good interview. So in order to help you ease your mind, here are some possible reasons why you aren’t hearing back from them yet:

The Company Is Interviewing Other Candidates

This is by no means saying anything about your candidacy. The interviews may well have been scheduled ahead and they are going through the other candidates to make sure they hire the best one. Don’t assume that this is a bad sign for you; it is just a company looking to hire the best person.

Something Came Up

If you have been working for several years now, you already have firsthand experience of how unstable a business can be. Sometimes there are just things that are more important than filling the opening they have.

Upper Management Issues

You may already be the person that they want to hire, but due to issues at the upper levels of the company, the paperwork is taking longer than expected. This is not a reflection on you, and might actually cause you to wonder about the quality of the company itself.

You’re Next on the List

They offered the position to someone else and are waiting for that person’s feedback. Don’t lose hope, because if he or she turns it down, you can expect a call with an offer.

You Are Out of the Running

Unfortunately, this may be a reason why you aren’t hearing back from a company. Not bothering to contact candidates after an interview is an inconsiderate practice that’s becoming increasingly common among employers.

What to Do When You Aren’t Hearing Back

The answer is simple: Follow up! They may have other things on their mind aside from the hiring, so following up keeps you fresh in their minds. However, you do have to exercise caution in your methods because if you become too persistent, they may dismiss your candidacy altogether.

If you are someone who is waiting for an employer after a great interview, don’t stop your job search just because of an employer saying that they would be in touch soon. Continue submitting your resume to companies you want to work for. It’s wise to follow the saying “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” It is better if you increase your chances of landing a new job by interviewing with several companies instead of just one.