Nine Things to Look Out For in an Interview

Clues of a Great InterviewAfter a job interview, it’s normal to go back over everything that happened during the interview. You might think back and look for clues on what you did wrong and hints about your chances of getting the job. If you want to get a better idea of how you did during the interview, here are some things to consider.

How long did the interview last? – Though not foolproof, the amount of time spent on an interview is a good indicator of how interested the interviewer is. It’s safe to say that an interviewer will not spend more time on a candidate that he or she will not likely hire. If you spent time beyond the scheduled session, there is reason for hope.

Did the interviewer exert extra effort in selling the position and company? – Any time an interviewer tries to reiterate the benefits of working for the company, you can feel confident that you’re a strong contender. They just want to make sure that you’re as interested in them as they are about you.

In-depth answers to your questions – It’s normal after an interview to have a question-and-answer session with the interviewer, but if the interviewer goes above and beyond in answering your questions, this is a good sign for your candidacy.

Did the interviewer say anything about having other candidates he needs to interview first or internal issues he needs to take care of? – If there is any mention of any of the above, then he is probably not that interested in your services.

Did the interviewer get bored? – One of the biggest signs you are not in the running is when an interviewer looks bored with your answers. This is why practicing your answers beforehand is crucial. Even if you hate to practice, you need it to get feedback on whether or not your answers are effective.

Talking about the next steps – After a great interview, an interviewer will make sure that a candidate knows how to proceed. If your interviewer told you an exact timeline on when to expect to hear from him, this is a hint that he is interested.

Did you get a tour and meet other people in the office? – Again, an interviewer will not waste time in getting you acquainted with the place and people in it if you have no chance of getting hired.

Did you get any feedback? – Depending on the feedback of your interviewer, this can give you an idea of what he thinks about you. Listen and remember what he says to help understand how you did.

Have your references received a call from the employer? – If any of your references tell you that they were called by your potential employer, it’s safe to assume that you are on the short list. Employers don’t call the references of applicants they’re not interested in.

Every situation is different, and none of the points above are foolproof, so take them with a grain of salt. Even if you ace an interview and have all of the necessary skills, you still might not get the job. Still, look for the signs that you are improving at your interview skills, and always remember to practice, practice, practice.