Group Interviews—What Do I Do?

Group Interview TipsNowadays, group interviews are becoming more and more common. The reasons for this are to save time in the interview process by screening all applicants at the same time, and to reduce bad hiring decisions by comparing all candidates at the same time. So now, the challenge for applicants is to stand out from the crowd.

Preparing for a group interview is not very different from a regular one-on one interview: Research the company, dress appropriately, and practice common interview questions. However, that doesn’t mean it is easier.

In group interviews, an applicant needs to demonstrate all of the necessary skills and make a lasting impression to the interviewers. Unlike with most one-on-one interviews, wherein you only need to impress one person, in group interviews you need to impress different personalities.

Tips in Acing Group Interviews

Be Unique

In group interviews, candidates will be given a chance to introduce themselves. Once you’re up, be sure to speak loudly and clearly. Prepare a brief but unique description of yourself.

In preparing a description for yourself, provide insights about you that the interviewers will remember. Don’t waste your time saying information that interviewers will hear over and over again. The impression you leave with the interviewers will be the most important thing.

Treat Everyone Equally

Once you are in a group interview, it is crucial that you be polite and friendly with everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you’re speaking to the receptionist, an applicant, or the employer; you need to treat everyone with the utmost respect.

Impressions Last

The moment you go into a group interview, interviewers will be observing you. They evaluate everything about you and think about whether you will be a good employee. So, preparing yourself in group interviews is important. You should research everything you can about the company. Be sure to come to the interview knowing the right dress code, armed with knowledge about the company’s products or services and about their culture, and brimming with confidence.

Be with the Team

One goal of group interviews is for interviewers to see how well you work in a team environment. The interviewers want to see how you communicate with others. As an applicant, you want to demonstrate the ability to speak up, listen, and cooperate. You want your interviewers to see that you can be a leader—a leader that can speak up and share his or her ideas. You also want to demonstrate that you can be a good follower by listening and cooperating with others to get the job done.


Every employer wants to know if his or her would-be employee knows how to accept feedback. An applicant should demonstrate the ability to receive feedback and use this as a means to improve. An applicant also needs to show that he or she can give feedback in a respectful manner.

Finding the Balance

In a group interview setting, your objective is to stand out. You want to make your interviewers see your leadership, interpersonal, and communication skills. In every aspect of the group of interview, you want to make your interviewers notice you, but you also need to be careful.

In your efforts to stand out from crowd, you might be too dominant or not let others have a chance to speak. On the other end of the spectrum, you might too passive and not demonstrate that you can be a leader. You also need to think about whether you are showing the right communication skills: Do you listen to the opinion of others, or are you always focused on yourself?

Succeeding in a group interview depends on demonstrating the right set of people skills. Show the interviewers that you can be a good leader and follower. Develop the right rapport with interviewers through your confidence. Remember that a group interview is not that different from traditional one-on-one interviews. Prepare for the interview, and don’t let group interviews stand in the way of the job you deserve.