Basic Interview Questions and Answers: Your Guide for Resume Questions

Basic Interview Questions and AnswersThere are a lot of different types of questions you may be asked in your next job interview. Resume questions are one of the basic types. Coming up with the best answers to these interview questions is pretty straightforward. You just have to know what to expect.

Basically, there are four different types of resume related questions that you may be asked. We will walk you through how best to answer these questions below.

First, a quick resume interview tip: Bring three hard copies of your resume for your interview. You always want to have one handy in case your interviewer is unprepared. Also, if you've made any updates to your resume (or caught any typos), you may want to give each interviewer this updated copy.

The first type of interview question is the very broad, "Walk me through your resume." Though it may be tempting to describe your life's story, you need to maintain the interest of your interviewer. Your response to this question, just like any other you are asked, can only be a couple of minutes long.

Because of this restriction on length, you will only have time for a few highlights for each experience. These highlights shouldn't be given in list form, but rather be structured around core themes. These themes are the reasons why you are a good fit for job. They can include important skills that you've developed over time or core motivations that you have developed. Overall, your narrative should describe an evolution of who you are, and how that evolution has led you to this specific job opportunity.

The other three types of questions are more specific content questions, which we will discuss momentarily. To prepare for a job interview it's important to review your resume before you walk in the door. You don't want to have any surprises about what is or isn't appearing in your resume, or provide any numbers that contradict what's on the piece of paper in front of them. While your interviewer will have a copy of your resume, you won't have a copy.

The first type of these three specific questions is the most basic: "I see you worked at ________. Why don't you tell me about your experience there?" For this type of question, you again want to avoid creating a laundry list. Instead, you want to first broadly describe a past experience and then provide specific accomplishments that you are most proud of and that are most relevant to the requirements of this job.

The second type of question is: "Are there specific past experiences where you demonstrated your skill in _______". As a response to this question, you have a couple of alternatives. You can list off your relevant past experiences and highlight accomplishments that are relevant. You can also explain how this skill developed. "I learned the basics at _______, but then at _______ I really built up my skills in this area. Here I..."

The final type of question is the type you hope for: "I see that you're a Philadelphia Eagles fan. I am, too. How do you think they are going to do this season?" It's important to include at the bottom of your resume some key pieces of who you are outside of work so that these fun conversations will come up. Plus, you can build a strong connection with your interviewer if one of your hobbies is also one of hers.

Best of luck on the upcoming interview!

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