You're about to discover how to answer ANY interview question and win the job offer you DESERVE!"

Dear Friend,

If you'd like to know how to ace your next job interview so you get the job you want - at the salary you deserve - this will be the most important message you ever read.

But first, let's talk about some of the mistakes people make during the interview process...

The Top 3 Biggest Interview Mistakes

Typically, there are 3 main reasons why an interview goes wrong:

  1. You’re unable to articulate yourself and communicate exactly why you’re the perfect fit for the job.
  2. You’re unprepared, so you can’t give the right answers to tough behavioral interview questions.
  3. You're simply too nervous; you can't control your nerves and you lose control during the interview.
And the worst part...

If you can't perform in your interview, you'll fail to get the job you want and truly deserve. You'll have to start over, spending weeks or months applying to more job openings! Basically, you're stuck.

First, You Must
Control Your Nerves...

One of the biggest challenges people face is controlling their nerves during an interview. They get tongue-tied and stumble over their words and, as a result, they make a negative impression and don't get the offer.

So, I want to share one of the most effective techniques you can use to calm your nerves. I call this technique "Ask the Expert"...

Here's how it works:

For 60 seconds, have a friend ask you questions, such as:

"What's the greatest rock band  of all time?"

"What's your favorite color?"

"What's the best bar in town?"

Whatever the question, you know the answer. Take a break, and try a second round. Use this game as a warm up a few minutes before walking into the interview.

This technique works so well because it helps you loosen up and shake off some of the nerves before an interview. It also gets you in the rhythm of easily answering questions, so that answers will roll your tongue, rather than getting trapped in your head.

The next issue many people have is that they're unprepared and can't give the right answers to tough interview questions. No matter what kind of job you're interviewing for, there are really only 20 common questions that you must be prepared to answer... and one of the toughest is:

"What's your biggest weakness?"

Almost everybody's heard this one, but very few know how to answer it correctly, in a way that will make an interviewer nod with approval.

I receive questions about this question almost every day from my career coaching clients, so here are some tips on how to do it right...

The key is to recognize that a weakness is the downside of a given strength. You want to recognize this trait, and also clearly indicate how you have taken steps to correct it.

Here's an example of an interview answer that does just that:

"I am someone who keeps a busy schedule and enjoys getting a lot done. But at times, it's hard for me to take a step back and get perspective. I've learned that I need to push myself to look around for more efficient solutions and to ensure that I delegate work to others to be as effectively as possible."

If we take a closer look, here's what this answer really says:

Strength: "I am someone who keeps a busy schedule and enjoys getting a lot done.”

Weakness: "But at times, it's hard for me to take a step back and get perspective.”

Correction: “I've learned that I need to push myself to look around for more efficient solutions and to ensure that I delegate work to others to be as effective as possible.”

Here's another example of a good answer to the "biggest weakness" question:

"I consider myself to be someone who is creative and imaginative, and I enjoy developing new approaches to solve problems. But I've needed to recognize that a new approach may be less effective than the tried and true. I am careful not to always push for the new way and to learn how others have been successful before me.”

As you can see, when you've thought through
your answers to these types of common questions
ahead of time, you'll be much better prepared

In order to "wow"your interviewer and win the job offer, you have to relate your answer to your own personality, experience, and the nature of the position. If you search around the internet, you'll find lots of sites offering "cookie-cutter" sample answers to interview questions.

BEWARE of using those types of canned
interview responses!!

You don't want to sound too smooth or too slick in your interview, and you also don't want to sound like a robot. In order to be effective, your answers need to be personalized and you need to feel comfortable saying them. But the single biggest issue preventing people from winning the jobs they deserve is much more basic:
In an ideal world, people would be hired automatically based on their skills and qualifications...But that's not the reality!

If you want to win the job, you need persuade the job interviewer that you're the perfect candidate.

How do you persuade the interviewer?
Here's the Key:

The first step is to convince yourself deep-down that you're the perfect candidate. Once you do that, you'll have a much easier time persuading the interviewer, too.

To convince yourself that you're the perfect match, you must take a deep look inside at your unique profile of motivations, strengths, values, and personality traits.

I call this process Self Assessment.

Once you've finished the Self Assessment process, the next step is to use that information when answering the dozens of questions you'll face in any interview.

That way, rather than regurgitating "cookie-cutter" answers, you'll give natural, confident answers to interview questions... and as a result, you'll be 10X more convincing and persuasive during your interview.

This process of Self Assessment is VERY HARD to do on your own without some outside perspective.
Most people struggle to answer interview questions because it's difficult for them to "zoom out" and get perspective on themselves.

You're like a fish trying to describe water…

You're always surrounded by it so it becomes hard to see it. But this Self Assessment process is critical for creating compelling, personalized interview answers.


Well, until recently, the only way to effectively complete this Self Assessment process was to hire a career coach.

Career coaches routinely charge $1,000... $2,000... even $5,000 or more for a series of personal coaching sessions that often take weeks or even months to complete. I know because I'm a career coach myself and those are the going rates.

My name is Alan Carniol. I'm the co-founder of Career Cadence, a company that helps job seekers prepare for interviews and get their dream jobs. But don't worry, I'm not about to ask you to invest $1,000.

While personalized career coaching is the perfect solution for many people, I realized that most job seekers don't have thousands of dollars to invest in the self assessment process.

If you've got an interview scheduled a week from now... or tomorrow... then you don't want to wait weeks or even days to get the insight and advice you need to succeed.

That's why I've spent the last two years developing a self-directed interview training program that allows you to quickly prepare for your interview, from the comfort and convenience of your home.

Best of all, you can get through the whole program in as little as one night's preparation, so if you're interview is tomorrow, you can get started today
and be prepared just in time.

I call it...

Interview Success

"The Interview Success Formula" is an online training program that helps you prepare to ace your interview as quickly as possible.

There are

The first step is your Instant Self Assessment...

I've developed a proprietary online tool that allows you to quickly create an accurate assessment of your own unique profile of motivations, strengths, values, and personality traits.

I designed this tool based on my research and work with professors at the University of Pennsylvania, where I received my bachelor’s degree in psychology, and Yale University, where I earned my MBA.

Your instant assessment is based on the same process I use when coaching clients (who pay me $150/hour), except you can do it on your own via your computer in less than half an hour.

It's very easy to use and requires absolutely no mental "heavy lifting" on your part. All you do is answer some simple multiple-choice questions about yourself, and then you'll instantly receive a downloadable custom built report we've created for you.

Using my system, you can complete your Self Assessment in less than 30 minutes.

Next, we use your Self Assessment to instantly provide you with custom-built answers to the top 20 questions you'll be asked during your interview.

Thirty minutes from now, you could have personalized answers to the most common interview questions, such as:

Tell me about yourself.

What's your biggest weakness?

What personal characteristics make you effective?

How would you describe your interpersonal skills?

Describe your ideal career.

How do you handle pressure?

In what type of environment do you thrive?

How would you describe your leadership style?

What can you do for this company?

Why should we hire you? (or, how are you different from everyone else?)

You get answers that are custom-built for you to these and the other Top 20 most common interview questions.

And for "personal history"questions that require a personal story from your past experience, we give fill-in the blank worksheets, examples and explanations to make it as quick and easy as possible for you to create personalized answers.

By now you may be saying to yourself,
But there are HUNDREDS of different
questions I could be asked in
my interview!"

Technically, that's true... However, virtually all of these 100's of questions are just the same 20 questions asked in a different way. With the answers I give you, you'll be prepared to answer ANY question your interviewer will throw your way.

The third piece of my system is my Ultimate Interview Crash Course. The Ultimate Interview Crash Course is a comprehensive online training program consisting of downloadable MP3 audios, videos and PDF worksheets that gives you ALL the tips and advice you need to ACE your next interview.

I call this training program my "Crash Course" because it's designed to fully prepare you for your interview as quickly as possible - in as little as one evening's preparation. You'll discover:

  • 3 main types of interview questions you must prepare for
  • 16 facts you must know about a company before your interview
  • 3 things that all interviewers want to know about you before hiring you
  • 4 proven techniques to calm your nerves before and during your interview
  • How interviewing for a job is like dating, and how to avoid "turning-off" your interviewer
  • 8 fears all companies have about new hires and how to relieve them of these fears in your interview, so you win the job
  • Simple tricks to fix your online reputation BEFORE your interview
  • Top 12 biggest interview mistakes and how to avoid them
  • How long your interview answers should be
  • 1 word you should try not to say during your interview
  • How to make the right kind of eye contact during your interview
  • What to do with your hands during your interview and other body language tips
  • 1 thing you should NEVER ask about during your initial interview
  • What you should do if you're running late to your interview
  • How to handle the "Stress" interview (aka The Mean Interviewer)
  • 9 psychological techniques to influence the interviewer in YOUR direction
  • A little-known tip to make yourself memorable to interviewers (here's a hint: guacamole)
  • The best way to follow up after your interview, so you win the job

And more!


Here’s what you'll get:

Instant Self Assessment Tool
($97 Value)

Custom-Built Answers
to the Top 20 Interview Questions
($297 Value)

"Ultimate Interview
Crash Course"
Manual and Audio Program
($197 Value)

A Total Value of

Bonus Gift #1:

If you want to get the job offer, it's important to leave the right impression after your interview.

Proper follow-up shows that you're a true professional. But many people don't know how to do it right. That's why you're also getting my sample THANK-YOU NOTE TEMPLATE. I give you proven language you can use to leave a great impression with your interviewer.

Up to this point, I've given you EVERYTHING you need to ACE your interview and get the job of your dreams. But I also want to make sure you're prepared when you accept the job offer. You see, That's why I'm also including this most people are so excited to get the job offer that they forget to negotiate their starting salary!

That's why I'm also including this SPECIAL BONUS REPORT...

Bonus Gift #2:

Special Report: "How to Negotiate a Higher Starting Salary!"

In this special report, I show you several proven methods for getting the money you deserve. If you follow my advice, you can easily increase your starting salary by 5% or more!

If you're interviewing for a job that pays $40,000, an extra 5% "bump" in your salary is worth $2,000! And of course, if you're interviewing for a position that pays more than that, then my strategies will be that much more valuable to you!

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You may be wondering
whether my strategies will work
for you...

That's a fair question, and the answer is...

In the past six months alone, I’ve helped over 1,100 job seekers, including:

  • College students and recent grads entering the job market

  • People changing careers at age 30, 40 and 50

  • Business professionals, healthcare workers, and non-profit focused individuals

  • and everyone in between!

Here are some of the success stories from students of mine in all sorts of industries who’ve received their dream job offers as a result of my advice:

"This was my first interview for a job. I am 61 years old. I totally screwed up the first interview and this helped me ace the second. I got the job over 32 others. Thank you!!! $$ well spent."

Doug T from St. Paul, MN
Community Outreach Paramedic

"My interview was incredible! I walked in fully prepared and answered each and every question with great detail and was able to provide examples. By the way, I ended up getting the job - even though other candidates were more qualified. I think this is proof that this program WORKS. "

Danielle from California
Administrative Support Coordinator

"This really helped me get the job! The Interview Success Formula helped me clearly see what my strengths are and formulate how to answer questions in a professional way with answers that make you l ook and feel so smart and you are just being yourself… Right after [the interview], I actually was able to have the company create a position for me that suited my skills. The company said they did not want to lose talent like me and gave me a great job offer verbally the next day*. Thank you so much!!!"

Zahra from Los Angeles, CA
Marketing and Sales Director

Think about it...

You're getting all of this for under $100. If you don't like it you can get your money back. Plus, even if you request a refund, you can keep ALL the bonuses as my gift to you, just for giving this a try.

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You only pay for what works.

Isn't that the way it should be?

Here's everything you're getting...

  • Instant Self Assessment Tool
  • Custom-Built Interview Answers
  • "Ultimate Interview Crash Course”
  • Sample "Thank-You" Note
  • Report: "How to Negotiate a Higher Starting Salary”

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Here’s To Your Success!


Before you do anything else, ask yourself some important questions:

If you're sitting on the fence, then just imagine what will happen if you don't take action right now.

How will tomorrow be any different from today?

Are you really going to just "wing it"and hope for the best?

If you're serious about getting the job you want, at the salary you deserve, take action right now while it's fresh in your mind.