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“The Dream Job Formula”


“The Dream Job Formula” is an online training program to help you get the job you want, in as little as 30 days! There are 3 simple steps to the formula...

Step 1. Narrow Your Search

First, I’ll show you how to narrow your job search and only apply to jobs that are a perfect fit for you, so you save time and build your confidence… In this part of the training, you’ll get a Custom Job Search Plan which will help you find your ideal job opportunities quickly and easily. And I’ve created an online tool that does all of this for you. All you do is answer simple multiple-choice questions about yourself… and you can have your custom job search plan in less than 30 minutes from now.

Step 2. Build Your Case

Next, you need to strengthen your resume…. so you’ll stand out from the crowd You’ll get my “Ultimate Resume Template” -- a simple downloadable resume template (in Microsoft Word format) that you can start using right away to position yourself perfectly for your dream job. And, in addition to my proven resume template, you also get my “Insider Resume Secrets” Guide… which shows you how to use my template to create a compelling resume in just 1 day... Plus, dozens of common resume mistakes to avoid. You’ll discover:
  • Top 3 concerns of hiring managers (and how to address them in your resume)
  • How to structure your resume if you’ve been out of work for a while
  • How to organize your resume if you’re currently a full-time student
  • 17 words and phrases you should NEVER put in your resume (because they are proven to turn off hiring managers)
  • And much more...

Step 3. Get Connected

The third and final step is to use simple, but powerful networking techniques to open doors, and get connected - so you get hired faster. You’ll discover dozens of proven networking tactics including:
  • 3 easy ways to grow your network on LinkedIn
  • 4 steps to get a new job using Twitter
  • How to use Facebook to find new job opportunities
  • How to properly format your LinkedIn profile (your “online resume”)
  • How to quickly position yourself as an expert in your industry
PLUS: how to quickly clean up your social media profiles so you remove embarrassing info (and images) that could hurt be hurting your job search efforts.

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  • “Cracking The Hidden Job Market” Course ($297 Value)

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