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The company said they did not want to lose talent like me and gave me a great offer verbally the next day. Thank you so much!!

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It helped me prepare answers for some commonly asked questions and to anticipate other questions.

-Elizabeth from Arizona, Healthcare Case Manager

It gives me answers that are true to me but in language that helps me present myself in a very positive way.

-Phoenix AZ

Yes. I got the job. When I closed or asked for the job, the one interviewer in the panel was somewhat taken aback as it seems I was the only one during that series of interviews that closed.

I think it hit the nail on the head with the Crib Sheet and answers to behavioral questions.

-Daphne Christensen from Norwalk IA, Health care Referral Relations Manager

This program prepared me well for my interview and would recommend it to others who feel they just are lacking something during the interviewing process.

-William Bates Farmington New Mexico Manufacturing Procurement Manager

I had my interview via phone 2x and was hired...It prepared me for the unexpected questions.


It helped me think through some very good answers.

-Georgia Forest from Grove Oregon, Education

I got the job!! I was not nervous. I was comfortable. I asked very good questions.


I now know how to describe myself in a way that is positive, but not over-proud.
Great job! Your site is well worth the investment for individuals like me, who haven't gone through the interview process recently.
Very helpful and accurate.

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Really great product and will be recommending to my friends who are searching. thanks again!
I think it gave me more confidence going into the interview.

-Scott Nerger of Naperville Illinois, Superintendent of Operations

Help me to realize I need to show more specific characteristic of my own.
There was a clear process to work through to be more fully prepared.

-Stephanie from Iowa, Healthcare Clinic manager

I got the job over 32 others. Thank you!!! $$ well spent.

-Doug T from St. Paul MN, Community Outreach Paramedic

Yes, I had mastered the ability to apply the STAR method to questions asked by the interviewer that I hadn't anticipated.
Thank you! You helped me close the deal for my dream job.

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I have already recommended your website to another colleague who is looking for a job. Thank you.
Logistics, dress, thank you notes. All of it! Thanks. I will recommend you to others.
It was great. I had self confidence.

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