Why a Job Search is a Lot Like Dating

datingtipsforjobsearchWe all know the experience of dating. We’ve been through the joy and pain of relationships, from the exciting but sometimes uncomfortable beginnings to infidelity, breakups, and everything else that goes on in a relationship.

A job search also has its ups and downs. There are times of joy, and without a doubt, there will be times of pain.

If you look carefully, you might notice that there are some interesting similarities between a job search and dating.

You start looking at others – You’ve had a job for several years now and suddenly become bored. You don’t feel special anymore and can’t help but look at those sexy benefits and six-figure salaries.

Giving in – You start opening yourself up to temptation. Now the boss starts to suspect that something is going on. You come in wearing something you haven’t worn in years and telling them you’ll be staying out late—it’s just like coming home with a lipstick on your collar.

Rebound relationship – Now you found what you’ve been looking for—someone who will make you feel special again. So you went into your new working relationship, thinking that this is “it.” However, it didn’t turn out how you thought it would—it was only a fling.

Single again – You decided that being single was the best thing for you. No more bosses telling what you can and cannot do. You feel a newfound freedom and start doing freelance work with different companies at the same time. But after this phase passes, you long for stability and want to get into a relationship again.

Putting yourself on the market – You start looking at different companies and submit your resume, hoping that someone will like what they see. You’re sending e-mails to companies who you think would be a good fit for you, without begging—after all, begging is not attractive.

Committed again – Someone you like wanted you, and you decided to commit yourself again. You start working again to see if this is a perfect partnership. Deciding to take things slow in a probationary period, you then found yourself working late nights and bringing work for the weekend. Now you feel that this could be it, a perfect marriage, until the cycle starts all over again.

Extra tips you can use in dating... and the job search

Don’t use the same old lines When you started dating, you used the standard lines and sometimes it worked. But after a few years, the line gets old and nobody falls for it anymore. In your job search, try to mix things up; think of new ways to impress your prospective employers.

Be honest When you meet someone new, you don’t need to say things about yourself that are not true just to impress them. Put your best foot forward, but also be honest about your strengths and weaknesses in an interview. If you don’t, then be ready for a nasty breakup.

Look beyond appearances – What we see on the outside may dazzle us, but we need to look deeper. Get beneath the surface to really know whether a company is the perfect place for you to grow and prosper in your career. It is important to find out what is inside before committing yourself.

Dating can teach you a number of valuable lessons about your job search. Take what you’ve learned from dating and use it. Be patient, and use what you’ve learned to find the job you’ve been looking for.