Getting Back on Track after a Layoff

Job Search after a LayoffThe recent recession has taught a lot of people a valuable lesson: No one is safe. A lot of people have learned this lesson the hard way, as they may be out of a job due to a layoff. There are things in business that no one can really predict or stop, things beyond our control but which still leave lot of people without jobs.

Now, without an income stream, you find yourself in a spot you did not ever think would happen. The truth hurts—you need to face the reality that you are now officially unemployed. Here are great ways how to get back on track after a layoff:



After a layoff, it’s not unusual to feel stressed and depressed. Give yourself time to let everything sink in, but don’t take too much time. After going through the process of accepting the reality of your situation, it’s time for you to move forward and take job search head-on.

Establish Your Objectives

Objectives help people have a clear mindset. It will give you something to work for and will keep you motivated. Think about what your priorities are, what job you are looking for, and what company you would like to work for. These are things that will help you identify what you are looking for during your job search and can prevent you from going in circles.

Update Your Resume

Now that you know what you want are looking for, it is important to update your resume. It’s been a while since you last looked for a job, and your resume needs tidying up. Add your now polished skills, experiences, and accomplishments.


Looking at your resume, it feels a little empty. If you think that you have a weak resume, consider studying new skills to strengthen your resume. Try online courses, which provide flexibility with time, or going back to school for a short course to make yourself a better candidate.

Tell Everyone You Know

Most people who get laid off try to hide it from everyone they know, especially their family. A layoff is a tough situation to go through; hiding it from the people around you only makes it worse. Sharing your burden with your loved ones will help you cope with it better. You might even get a job lead by doing this.

Consistent Networking

The best weapon to use in your job search is networking. Even before computers were invented, it was networking that helped a lot of people to get jobs. Tell your friends and co-workers that you are now unemployed and looking for a job. Use every opportunity to expand your network. Contact people who became a part of your life—even your classmates from high school.

Stay in touch

Just because you were laid off doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t keep in touch with former co-workers or employers. They may be able to get you a job if one of them starts a new business. Invite them to talk over lunch or a beer while watching sports at home.

Keep Doors Open

There are times when the jobs you are looking for aren’t available. Always consider other opportunities in which you might be able to utilize your skills.

Stay Positive

A positive attitude is vital when you are looking for a job. The right attitude affects every part of your job search. It increases your productivity and gives you the confidence to ace an interview.

Do not let a layoff prevent you from achieving your dreams and happiness. With the right mindset, you can overcome any hurdle that comes your way.