Top 4 Tips when Applying for Jobs

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Top 4 Tips when Applying for JobsEmbarking on a new job search journey can be exciting and daunting at the same time. It’s exciting because it’s going to be a brand new start of a new career and professional life; daunting because this journey involves a long, strenuous process. Not to mention the competition that’s getting tougher with more job seekers making their way through an ever competitive job market. So how do you increase your chances of landing your dream job? Read on for some tips you might find handy.

Don’t spread yourself too thin
If you’ve been unemployed for quite a while, you might be tempted to apply for every single job posting you see online and receive in emails. However, this isn’t going to help you find your dream career. You’re only going to spread yourself too thin on attending job interviews and customizing resume for different job posts. It’ll only drain your energy. What you have to do instead is to consider each job vacancy individually and evaluate if they are something that should be taken seriously. Spend time and effort on the jobs you really want.

Reach out to your network
A lot of people make the mistake of owning up everything involved in the job search process that they fail to tap on one of their most important resources - their network. When it comes to applying for jobs, your network is one of the things that can significantly help you. Not all these people may be able to offer you the career you’re looking for but perhaps, they can refer you to those who can and are willing to. Never underestimate the value of networking in job applications.

Be well-prepared for the interview
The interview is one of the dreaded phases of the job search process. While you know who you are and confident about your skills and what you can contribute to a company, it’ll help boost your confidence when you are well-prepared.

Remember that job interviews can make or break your chances of getting hired and because you only have one shot, it’s imperative that you give it your all. It’s not enough to get dressed up for it and arrive on time. You have to be prepared ahead by anticipating possible questions, rehearsing your lines, taking down notes of the things you need to highlight and so on. You can never go wrong with adequate preparation so be sure not to skip this step.

Polish your resume
Besides the interview, a polished resume is another important component of a successful job search. Make sure that your resume is tailored to fit the qualifications of the job you’re applying for. Writing a generic resume isn’t really going to be of much help. Read the job description carefully and understand what the company is looking for in terms of skills, experiences and background. Be sure these things are highlighted in your resume as this will help the hiring manager decide if you are suitable for the job.

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