Time Management Tips Every Busy Parent Should Know About

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Time Management Tips Every Busy Parent Should Know AboutA lot of parents would say that parenting is a rewarding job. Being rewarded every day with sticky hugs, shrieking giggle fits, and crooked drawings, plus an opportunity to regress by eating your kids’ Halloween candies, watching countless hours of cartoons, and hopping around in public places, can be pretty satisfying.

While it is a rewarding job, it is also hard. There are long hours, dealing with tantrums, watching over them at all times, worrying all the time and an excessive amount of snot.

For working parents, life takes on a totally different meaning. Your level of insanity and patience is tested. You have to make sure that there is a balance between the demands of your work and your family’s needs. It sometimes feels like you are playing a game of Twister – there are confusions, contortions and the ever-nagging question: why I am doing this?

Working parents are overwhelmed, overtired, or overburdened. They also have so many things to deal with on a personal level – like making time to exercise or scheduling a medical appointment. Having an additional layer of responsibility can be too much for most working parents.

With so many things to do, it is important for parents to organize certain routines that will make managing both personal and professional responsibilities a little easier. There are simple ways working parents can do to manage their time better and makes the strain of parental and professional duties lighter and less stressful.


Being organized is an element in maximizing more time of the time. Organization is an important aspect of life. When you have an organized day, the flow of the things that needs to be done goes by really smoothly. To begin organizing, make sure to assess how much time is spent on the things you need to do and figure out from your daily schedule where you’re not effectively using your time.

When you have children, there are countless things to remember: emergency numbers routine check-ups, extracurricular activities, and so much more. With the pressure from work and all these, it can be a lot to take in. to keep track of important phone numbers and dates, you can invest in a file cabinet where all of this information can be stored. Have a large family calendar where everyone can post activities, reminders, to-do lists, or some grocery lists. You can also create an online calendar every family member can access. It is important to keep everyone updated with each other’s schedules.


Another element in effective time-management is to prioritize tasks. As you go through the tasks at hand, identify which are the most important ones. One way to do that is by categorizing the to-do lists into three sections: weekly tasks, ongoing tasks, or immediate action. Separating these tasks by order of importance makes the list more manageable and shorter.

Learn to say no and to ask for help as well. Turn down additional tasks if there’s a lot going on. Whether it’s at home or at work, set goals that are reasonable to accomplish. The feeling of accomplishment from completing the task makes getting other things done quickly.


Chores and tasks are a family affair, so asking for help is not a big thing. Most often, children enjoy helping at home. It gives them a sense of responsibility and teaches them self-sufficiency. Designating tasks to other members of the family finishes the task faster, allowing more time for family bonding.


Juggling between your parental and professional duties is not an easy task. Keeping them separate is important. There is a saying, “leave your worries at home, leave all your work in the office.” When you are at work, you should not be worrying about your to-do lists at home. You will get more tasks done when you dedicate your full attention at work. If you need to bring work at home, make sure that you do them when the kids are asleep. For work-at-home parents, there must also be a separation between the workday and the at-home day. Separating parental and work responsibilities allow more tasks to be done quickly giving more time to focus on family.

When you find yourself being discouraged about the difficulties of parenting and career, focus on these time-management tips that will help you regain balance in your life.

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