The “Golden Rule” for Emailing Hiring Managers

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The Golden Rule for Emailing Hiring ManagersConsider this the "Golden Rule" for reaching out to hiring managers (whether by email, LinkedIn message, or some other media):

Never ask for a job.

And I don't just mean literally asking for a job. Don't even mention or "hint" that you're looking for a job, or ask him/her if they're hiring.

Here's why:

It's what I call a "high-commitment request".

When you email a hiring manager (effectively) asking for a job, there are really only three ways he or she can respond:

#1: "Sorry. We're not hiring right now. But I'll keep your resume on file, we'll be in touch if something comes up." (Translation: "Welcome to the black hole, where you'll never so much as hear a peep from us ever again.")

#2: "..." -- that's the sound of your email being deleted.

#3: "Yes, we're looking for a new person to join our team. Please send your resume and cover letter to Sarah from HR." (Translation: "Thanks but I don't know you, and I don't yet trust you enough that I can bring you straight in for an interview and bypass the HR process.")

Can you guess which of the three responses is most likely?

Number two -- i.e. no response.

That's what happens 70-85% of the time, when you go straight in and ask a hiring manager for a job. They ignore your email, or simply choose not to respond because they don't know how to respond.

Asking a hiring manager "cold" -- i.e. when they don't know you, don't yet trust you, and haven't yet been given an opportunity to like you -- for a job is like asking a stranger to be your boyfriend.

You need to start off small, with something that requires a very low level of commitment -- like a simple twenty- or thirty-second response.

Would you like some ideas/examples?

Then you might want to invest in Dream Job Formula.

This is just one of the many tools I take you through, and show you how to implement in order to find and apply to "non-advertised" positions via that private job market. Not only do I teach you how to use cold emails, LinkedIn messages, etc. to reach out to hiring managers, I also have some templates and scripts you can use -- ones that I've tested personally.

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