The “Apple Pie” Paradox of Finding A Job

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The Apple Pie Paradox of Finding A JobToday, I'm going to share with you an important job search principle.

It's something I call the "Apple Pie" paradox.

Yes, it's counter-intuitive -- but when you understand this basic principle, you'll be able to tap into a whole new world of job opportunities.

Here's how it works:

When my mom used to bake us an apple pie, I used to dream about eating the whole thing all by myself. But, unfortunately for me, I had to share it with my dad and my brothers. So mom used to cut it into slices.

If I was really unlucky and my uncle and aunt were staying with us, she'd have to cut it into even more slices -- and my slice would be smaller!

So slicing up the apple pie was always a bad thing.

Now, imagine if we were to take every single job opportunity that's available to your right now, and bake it into a pie. Let's call it a "job opportunity pie".

The rules are different for this pie.

The more we slice up your job opportunity pie -- by focusing on a specific type of job opportunity, and ignoring everything else -- your slice gets bigger!

In other words...

When you focus exclusively on specific opportunities that match your skills, experience, signature strengths, and career goals, your universe of job opportunities grows -- it doesn't get smaller.


Because most job opportunities -- 85% -- aren't available to the public.

They exist in what I've always called the "hidden job market". In other words, most folks don't know about them -- and so can't apply for them.

When you focus your job search, you'll find that hiring managers and other people you meet along the way start referring you to their peers.

Also, if you follow the steps that I teach in Dream Job Formula, you'll know how to tap into this hidden job market in a more proactive way -- through leveraging the knowledge and connections you already have about a particular field or specialization.

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