Something You Might Not Know About Successful People…

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Something You Might Not Know About Successful PeopleHere's something not a lot of folks know about successful people:

Many of them are where they are today because somebody, somewhere gave them a leg up. There are very few "self-made" people in the world.

Now, I'm not saying your boss, or your successful businessman friend, or whoever, didn't work hard or that they haven't earned their success. I'm just saying: Behind most successful people, there are other people who helped them get where they are today, in some way or other.

Do you know what this means?

I'll tell you:

In my line of work, I've met many successful people. Men and women who have built extraordinary careers, who climbed the ladder, and who now lead elite teams and send shockwaves through their industries.

And the one thing that most struck me about them, is their willingness, and in some cases even enthusiasm, to "pay it forward" and help others.

It makes sense -- don't you think?

After all, when you're successful (on your own terms -- whatever "success" means to you personally), I'm sure you'd be pleased to help someone who is in the same position you were once in. Especially if someone else helped you when you were in that boat. Wouldn't you?

Let me tell you something:

There's absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help.

Nothing wrong at all.

I've asked my friends, family, mentors, superiors, peers, colleagues, and former co-workers for help several times when I really needed it.

Each time I did, I was glad.

And if someone who's in a similar position reached out to me, and it wouldn't cost me too much time or money to help them out, I'd feel privileged to pay it forward. This is what makes the world go around.

So, with this in mind...

Here's a small "homework" assignment for you.

I want you to think of three people you know who you'd consider successful. People who know, like, and trust you. Bosses. Colleagues. Co-workers. Old friends. Professors. Mentors. Neighbors. Whoever you can think of.


Send them a short email today. Express some kind of genuine interest in them and their lives, tell them what's new with you, and then ask for help.

Simple as that.

No apology. No big build-up. No BS. Just be authentic and vulnerable.

Perhaps they know someone who's about to make a hire...

Perhaps they can give you some inside knowledge...

Perhaps they are looking for talent...

Perhaps they can put a good word in for you...

Perhaps they could ask around...

You'll be surprised what might come back!

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