Replacing your Resume Objective with a Personal Brand Statement

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Replacing your Resume Objective with a Personal Brand StatementIt’s that time for a job search and you rush to find your resume to have it updated. As it turns out, yours is an outdated resume. Job seekers now ditch the conventional resume objective in exchange for a more advanced marketing-driven personal brand statement. Personal branding is important and required for your resume to stand out.

A personal brand statement should be built around what skills you are good at and fit for your target employer. Resume branding is a great way to help you clearly determine and communicate what makes you different from ay job-seeking competitors. Basically, a personal brand statement sums up your unique and special promise of value.

Your personal brand statement should focus on three things only:

  • The values you provide (what certain problems you solve)
  • Who you serve (your target audience)
  • How you do it uniquely (your unique selling point)

Based on your resume, hiring managers know that you are looking to fill up a certain position. What they are actually looking for as the skills that set you apart from the other applicants.

Importance of a Personal Brand Statement

In an interview or even in a normal conversation setting, how many times have you been asked about what do you do at work? Do you feel that they really know and understand the scope of your job or they were just being polite?

A personal brand statement is important for you to be able to leave a lasting impression. Just being a hairdresser or a plumber will not make you stand out. Being ordinary means competing against a very lucrative market, which is not a very good situation to be in. To stand out and be successful in today’s competitive economy, you have to specialize – choose a genre and master it.

The personal brand statement that works for you should clearly state what you do, how you do it, and for whom (your target audience). Being able to communicate this concept will help you and your target market know exactly what you are capable of.

Replacing the Resume Career Objective

Back in the days, a resume objective is important and candidates must learn how to write a catchy one. It worked and will get you the job,

Now, the use of a killer personal is what you need to get that position you have always wanted to achieve.

Successful brand statements should present facts, carefully use selected keywords related to the position you are applying for, and most importantly, show how you can help the company and how you are the solution the employer or the organization’s problems.

Remember that when you present hiring managers with a compelling view of who you are, what you are really capable of, how different you are from the other competitors and the value you bring to the organization, you are guaranteed to get their attention and earn their consideration.

While this may take some time, the efforts that you do in defining your personal brand statement and enhancing your resume, form a strong foundation for all your marketing materials. So ditch the old-fashioned resume objective and give more attention to creating your own brand statement.

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