Remember This Next Time You Email A Hiring Manager

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Remember This Next Time You Email A Hiring ManagerBefore I get down to "business" today, I want to tell you something:

I truly value the fact that you let me share my thoughts and ideas and advice with you through these blogs. It means a lot to me. Really, it does.

Often, when I start work in the morning, there are a few messages from folks who hit the reply button on one of these emails to share their thoughts with me and/or my team. I always enjoy these conversations.

It's my pleasure to help folks find their dream job. I guess you can say that I've already found my dream job -- it's helping you, and folks like you, in this vital career transition, and watching our members find success and grow.

Now -- where was I? Yes...

Hiring managers are like VIPs.

Their time is in demand. They usually have many conversations on the go at any one time, and there are dozens of people competing for their attention.

And I'm just talking about their office eco-system here.

If you take LinkedIn into account or email, there are literally hundreds of people crying out for a tiny slice of their time and attention.

That's the reason why they seem to ignore your emails.

It's not that they're nasty or deliberately rude. It's not that they're "rejecting" you or choosing to ignore you on purpose.

When you have so many different people buying for your time, it's inevitable that some emails fall through the cracks and conversations get dropped.


There are two things I have to say about all this.


If you've reached out to one or more hiring managers in the past -- perhaps to follow up after an interview or get an update on your application, like what we spoke about before, or maybe to enquire about opportunities -- and you didn't hear back, remember that you did not do anything wrong.

It's NOT personal.

That said...

(And this is the second thing.)

There *is* a specific strategy for emailing hiring managers, recruiters, and other "VIPs" (and getting a response quickly). It's one that I know from experience works -- and it works because you're reaching out to them in a way that is non-threatening and compels them to respond fast.

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