How to Make an Impact on Your First Week as a Boss

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How to Make an Impact on Your First Week as a BossSo, you have now been promoted as a new manager in your company. Congratulations! You have taken a major step towards the advancement of your career. Being a manager means a great deal of responsibility. You have people to manage, accomplish goals on a larger scale, be more involved in your industry. All these while still making continued progress towards your personal and professional growth.

Whether it is your first time as a manager or an experienced one taking over a new team, the first weeks are crucial. It allows you to have an opportunity to create a positive impression and start building credibility with the members of the team. Every move you make will be watched, either by your direct superior, your team members or your peers. Starting strong in this new role is important.

As a new boss, you are faced with new challenges and experiences. They could be overwhelming and intimidating during the first week. Here are some tips on how to make an impact and help your adjustment in this new role as smooth as possible.

Preparing the Team Members

After accepting the offer and the start date, have some time before that to get to know your direct reports. Introduce yourself and let them know how much you are looking forward to working with them. This simple effort to reach out will help set the mood before starting on your new role.

Preparing your Attitude

Promotion is one of those big career moments where organizing your thoughts and preparing yourself mentally is important before going to the office. Remind yourself the night before of the following important issues:

  • As a new boss, you become a member of a larger organization with roles as important as the overall business. You are there to help the company pursue its mission and carry out their core strategies.
  • Being a boss means that you have to form an environment for motivated people to be the best at their work. It is not about being in charge, but it is about supporting and what you can do to develop them.
  • Resist the temptation and never criticize previous practices no matter how ineffective or outdated they seem.
  • Don’t spend a great deal of time patronizing your past achievements from previous organizations.
  • To earn trust, you must learn how to respect. Smile, learn people’s name, pay attention, and show respect in every chance you get.

Dress Properly

During the interview process, you must have already learned how employees dress at work. Be proper. Your clothes make a statement, especially if you are taking on this new managerial role.

Working Like a Manager

A good manager manages to get things accomplished through others. While being the best accountant was something you can be proud of, as a manager, your role is to put aside balancing the sheets and instead focus on motivating and leading your department. Set the mood from day one that you are there to help and guide them, but not to do the work for them.

Be Observant

As a new member of the organization, learn by example. Observe how other managers interact with their employees, bosses, and each other. Choose which attitude to benchmark and explore on the new things you want to try as a new manager. While it is important to develop your own style of leadership, seeing the behaviors you want to adopt and avoid will help your transition process.

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