Five Silly Job Search Beliefs

Job Search BeliefsEveryone has a superstition that they believe in. Likewise, there are things people believe in during a job search—and they’re not always reasonable.

The one-page resume

If you live in the past and believe that you need to keep your resume all on one page, you’re limiting yourself. A one page resume is now only applicable to fresh graduates or people who haven’t been working for long. Unless you belong to one of those categories, a two-page resume is fine.

You need to be creative to stand out

Creativity is great, but don’t rely on it to get noticed by an employer. Gimmicks don’t work with employers. If you really want them to get to notice you, write a great cover letter and resume. Gimmicks don’t make up for your lack of qualifications.

No one hires during the holidays

Employers are busy all year long. For some, the holidays are the only time when they can focus on hiring. Don’t let holidays prevent you from getting a job.

A lower salary is desirable

While employers certainly want to cut costs, this does not necessarily mean they are cheap. It’s your qualifications that are most important. Lowering your salary expectations will only attract bad employers who will burn you out.

You need to have connections to get hired

Most if not all people would advise you to go out and network. Connections are great, but a lot of people still get a job by simply submitting their resume after seeing a job ad.

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Alan Carniol

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