Five Signs of a Bad Boss

Signs of a Bad Boss Having a job is great, especially in the current economic situation. However, it might not be so good to have a job when you work for a bad boss. It will only end up in another long and painful job search. Sure, you can stand their bad ways right now, but sooner or later you will want out.

If you don’t feel happy with your job right now, a bad boss might be the cause. So, if you want to know whether you have a bad boss, here are some of the telltale signs:

Yelling – The occasional yell when someone makes a big mistake is fine, but if this becomes a regular event in the office, this is a very bad sign. Good bosses have a better way of getting their message across.

Not doing what they said they were supposed to do – This is the type of boss who promises to get things done and yet fails to do them. They make commitments, and when they don’t get them done, they blame others.

Unreasonable with their demands – There are bosses who just want to get the best out of their people, and that’s fine, but there are also those who want you to move heaven and earth to get the work done. These people are only there to burn you out.

Unclear expectations – You need to understand what your goals are, and when your boss can’t give you clear-cut expectations, you will never be able to deliver what they want because even they don’t know what they want.

Leading by fear – Employers want their employees to respect them. However, respect is earned and can’t be imposed on somebody through fear. When a boss leads by fear, the business can’t progress the way it should because the staff can’t contribute their ideas.

Everyone has their faults, and there is no perfect boss. Even with that said, good employees don’t deserve to work for bad bosses. So, keep these signs in mind, and be on the lookout for a bad boss.

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Alan Carniol

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