Did I Ever Tell You About Strong Ties v Weak Ties?

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Did I Ever Tell You About Strong Ties v Weak TiesDid I ever tell you about strong ties vs. weak ties?

It has nothing to do with neckties -- these kind of "ties" are about relationships with people who could, potentially, put you on the radar of hiring managers and help you land stellar job opportunities.

Strong ties are the people you know really, really well.

(Friends, members of your family, co-workers, bosses, neighbors, etc.)

Weak ties are the people you only just know.

(That person you met at a industry conference and exchanged two LinkedIn messages with, or your son's friend's mom who you occasionally run into.)


Now, if you were a betting person, what kind of connection would you say is most helpful for landing new job leads -- strong ties or weak ties?

Surprisingly, weak ties are more helpful.

Yes, that's correct -- if you want to attract more opportunities into your life, it's better to have a lot of casual acquaintances than a lot of best friends.


Because when you're great friends with someone, your world's tend to merge in some ways. You hang out at the same places. You move around in the same circles. You do the same activities. You read the same books.

On the other hand, weak ties aren't like you.

(That's why you're not great friends with them.)

And this means, more often than not, that they move around in different circles, and have access to a completely different set of people than you.

This is what makes them so useful for attracting new opportunities.

So, how can you create more weak ties in your life?

Well, here's my favorite way:

Take up a new hobby.

Yes, it's as simple as that.

Enroll for an evening class, or take up a new sport, or go along to some dance lessons, or learn a new language -- just take yourself to some place where you don't know anyone and where it's all new to you.

Over time, you'll get to know all the people there.

And you can search for them on LinkedIn and add them to your network.

We've already talked about a few ways that you can leverage your LinkedIn network to attract job opportunities and get invited to interviews.

But I've not yet shared my best stuff with you. ;-)

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