6 Tips to Get Hired Fast

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6 Tips to Get Hired FastSo you’ve got the skills, adequate experience and are knowledgeable about your field. But why does it seem so difficult to find a job today?


With the declining economic condition, there seems to be less and less jobs available for the growing number of job seekers. This makes the competition in the market tougher and the ability to land a job harder. Not only that, many companies prefer promoting from within instead of filling in the vacant positions with new hires, not to mention the way technology replaces workers. While these realities are something you can’t do anything about, there’s still something you can do to get hired fast. Take a look at these tips!

Look for the jobs that match your skills
Because landing a job is harder nowadays, it’s tempting to apply to try all sorts of career even if they’re not a good fit. This is especially true when you’ve been unemployed for a while and are in a rush to find a job. However, doing this may actually do more harm than good. Don’t apply for jobs that you know aren’t going to make you happy, the ones that don’t really match what you want especially your skills. Otherwise, it might derail your actual career plan and hamper your journey towards ultimate success.

Treat job search like a full time job
Mindlessly doing your job search may make you miss opportunities. Don’t do it half heartedly. Instead, take it seriously and treat it like a full time job. Allot a certain number of hours each day for your job search and stay focused while you’re at it. Investing adequate time for this will surely help you reap the benefits in the long run.

Review your resume
Your resume is one of the determining factors on whether an applicant gets the job offer or not. Be sure to ace your resume writing by tailoring it to fit the qualifications of the job. Hundreds if not thousands of candidates are applying for jobs each day so make yours count by making your resume stand out.

Update your LinkedIn profile
If you haven’t updated your profile for quite a while, this is the best time to do so. Be sure it includes your skills, previous job experiences, accomplishments and achievements and other stuff that could strengthen your personal brand. LinkedIn is an excellent venue to showcase what you can offer so be sure to maximize it.

Keep on expanding your network
your network is another valuable tool that can help you with your job search. Be sure to spend time growing and expanding your network by attending events related to your field, getting in touch with former bosses and colleagues and opening your doors to meeting more and more people.

Polish your interview skills
Your interview is one of your gateways to job search success. Don’t take this opportunity for granted as this is another chance for you to be heard and give them a reason why you should be hired. Rehearse and practice how to answer common interview questions. Be confident and break a leg!

Finding a job may be more difficult today than it was before but with the help of these tips, you’ll surely be able to land the career you’ve dreamt of in no time!

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