6 Qualities Every Fresh Graduate Needs

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6 Qualities Every Fresh Graduate NeedsIt’s that time of the year again, where years of going to classes and working multiple jobs will come to an end, graduation. Thousands of new graduates are going to get their degrees and join the workforce without having to worry about classes.

Are you one of them? The NACE recently released projections of employers hiring fresh college graduates by 16.6% up from 4% last year. And if you’re a fresh graduate, this is great news! But that doesn’t mean that you’ll be hired sooner than expected.

In fact, it doesn’t guarantee anything. Because the NACE also shared with their report that while employers are more willing to hire more than ever before, employers also shared their concerns on why it’s harder to hire fresh graduates than more experienced ones.

More often than not, fresh graduates lack certain qualities that employers look for when hiring and that’s what we’ll cover today. The 6 qualities that every fresh graduate needs.

Personal Accountability

Accountability is one of the hardest qualities to find when hiring fresh graduates. What this means is you have to have show up on time for interviews, work, or meetings. You have to be able to manage your time effectively so you complete projects and meet deadlines on time.

Work Ethic

Working hard doesn’t mean good work ethic, it’s just one part of what you need. You have to work smart and not just work hard. Start working on your work ethic today by organizing your day, being consistent and focused in completing your daily goals.

Dress Professionally

Dress code today is far more relaxed than it has ever been before, but don’t use this as an excuse for not dressing appropriately for work or interviews. If you’re not sure what to wear, ask your employer or workmates. Check out their social media accounts for ideas on what they work.


When you’re in an organization, they expect that you work with integrity and proper ethical behavior. This means that you have to learn how to manage and deal with unexpected and difficult situations with your own moral compass and integrity.

Team Accountability

Personal accountability is important but team accountability is too. Whenever you’re at work, you have to consider how your actions may affect your workmates.

Figure out how you can be a positive contributor to the company by asking how you can help on other projects that are more team oriented when you’ve completed all your personal tasks.

Learning from Your Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes but not everyone learns from them. The ability to learn from your past mistakes will make you an invaluable addition to any team. You’ll be consistently improving yourself up to a point where you’ll be in a leadership position and really make a difference for the company.

Start practicing this by looking taking more risks with the projects you take and open yourself to making mistakes. Once you fail, you’ll have a chance to learn from them and show the company your worth.

As a fresh graduate, you’ll find yourself that the odds are against you. But you can change that and give yourself a better chance at winning the job over your competition just by sharing past experiences where you showed these qualities.

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