6 Details to Omit in Your Resume

Details to Omit in Your ResumeSome people just can’t seem to stop themselves from writing every possible detail on their resume. Unfortunately, this is not beneficial for your job search. The fact is, “more” is not always “better” when it comes to writing your resume. So, here are 6 things that should be omitted without delay.

1. Being an Amex Black Card holder. Most employers could care less if you have a lot of buying power. Unless it’s relevant to the job you’re applying for, there’s no valid reason to include that in your resume.

2. Indicating how happy you are. Sure, employers want to work with people who exude a positive vibe every now and then. However, there’s no need to include this in your resume. Your recruiter will be able to assess your personality during the interview.

3. Including “quick learner” under your skills and accomplishments. If you are indeed a quick learner, you may want to elaborate further on this. State some of your experiences to get your point across. Since almost 99% of job seekers have this generic detail on their resume, why bother anyway?

4. Stating that you’re detail-oriented. It may look nice in your resume, but it doesn’t really help in building your professional profile. This is a generic statement that should be omitted when writing your resume.

5. Including academic accomplishments in primary school. There is no need to include your educational information from elementary or middle/junior high school. If you want your resume to look professional, start with your college educational background (or high school if you’re a high school student). While there’s nothing wrong being a smarty pants back in fifth grade, including it in your resume is just not helpful.

6. Your meeting with an A-list celebrity or teen star. No matter how amazing of an experience this was for you, your employer just doesn’t care. It wasn’t even on the list of desired skills to begin with. Keep your fandom to yourself and leave your resume out of it.

Building a top-notch resume requires a certain type of discipline. Be careful not to put too much on your resume, and try to avoid any unnecessary details. At the very least, be sure to omit the 6 details described above. Otherwise, you could be back to square one in your job hunt.

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Alan Carniol

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