5 Ways You Can Sabotage Your Job Search

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5 Ways You Can Sabotage Your Job SearchWith hundreds if not thousands of applications hiring managers receive every day, your chances of getting picked from the job market are becoming slimmer and slimmer. To add to that, the economic condition that doesn’t get better makes the competition even tougher. And the worst part? We are the ones who actually make things more complicated and difficult for ourselves. Some of our habits do more harm than good without us knowing it. These things aren’t very obvious but they actually are becoming subtly detrimental to our job search.

Learn what habits are sabotaging your quest for your dream job by taking a look at the following.

Applying for jobs that are not a good fit
Are you someone who all sorts of job posted out there? Or do you take time to sort out job openings and find something that matches your skills and qualifications? Most hiring managers do not necessarily look for a candidate that fits each and every line item in their list of qualifications. In fact, they are willing to overlook the minor stuff. However, take note that they pay attention to the major qualifications, so if you know you’re not a good fit and you still have time to fix it, go ahead and do so.

For example, they are looking for someone who is familiar with social media marketing and you know nothing in this field. Consider taking online courses with certification so you can have it included in your resume.

Not putting enough effort with the resume
Your resume is another important component of your job application journey. So if it’s full of grammatical and typographical errors, expect to have it found in the trash bin. Put adequate time and effort into creating your resume. Be sure it is tailored to fit the job you’re applying for.

Showing up late for the interview
The interview is another vital part of the job search process. You don’t want to make a bad impression by showing up late for your interview. Anticipate potential causes of delay like traffic jam. Get ready early because the panel members do not have all the time in the world as they also have busy schedules ahead of them. Be sure to arrive right on time or a few minutes before your schedule.

Not investing adequate time for networking
Networking is something that doesn’t only happen in professional events like conferences. It can be part of your way of life. You can build and expand your network by nurturing past and current connections. Don’t let opportunities fly by just because you failed to establish and tap on your network.

Not doing adequate research
When applying for a job, you have to be well familiar with the nature of the job and company you’re applying for. This will help leave a good impression to the hiring manager that you are indeed interested in the post.

Certain behaviors and habits can make or break you in your job search journey. If you want to ensure success in your next attempt, be sure to avoid these mistakes.

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