5 Ways to Learn about a Company’s Culture

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5 Ways to Learn about a Companys CultureThe culture in a certain company is one of the reasons why employees decide to stay or leave. But what does company culture exactly mean?

Company culture refers to an organization’s personality and social order. It defines the kind of environment in a certain workplace that involves several components such as employee engagement, job satisfaction, work-life balance, benefits, opportunities for growth and more. More often than not, employees won’t be able to define their company’s culture but they can tell the things about their company that make them happy. Therefore, to make sure you won’t have regrets accepting a job offer from a certain company, learn how to evaluate a company’s culture with the help of these tips.

Check online reviews
Online reviews say a lot about a company’s culture and it doesn’t matter what kind of products or services they offer. People will always have something to say and they won’t be afraid to share it in the digital world. Find out more about a company at the tips of your fingers by checking online reviews. Are the customers satisfied or do they have a lot of complaints? Are these issues being addressed by the company? Are they able to handle concerns in a professional manner?

Check the company’s LinkedIn page
The LinkedIn page of an organization contains helpful information including the people you are connected to, the employees who used to work for the company, career path and so on. This page will give you a glimpse of whether or not you will have opportunities for career growth in the future. Just take time to explore the page, watch the videos and see what else to discover

Visit the company’s website
Besides the reviews and LinkedIn page, there’s one more place you need to check out to learn more about a company - their website. A company’s website is where they’d usually invest efforts in telling a story that will attract the right employees. Be sure to take a look at the company’s mission. Explore the other sections, too, because that’s where you’d usually find the answers to the company’s culture questions you may have.

Look around
Because culture is something that people can’t always put into words, then it can be referred to something that a person feels about a company. So how do you find out how a company is like in reality? Take a tour if there’s a chance to look around. Observe the people around, how things are done, if the employees seem happy and so on.

Take time to talk to the employees
Talking to a number of employees from an organization is like getting firsthand information. These are the best resources to tap on if you want to find out more about a company. Ask as many questions as you can such as their overall satisfaction, career opportunities and other things that you consider important in choosing a workplace.

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