5 Tips to Help you Land your Dream Job

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5 Tips to Help you Land your Dream JobMaybe you’re a fresh graduate from college full of hope and highly anticipating finding your dream job upon stepping into the real world. Or perhaps, you’ve been stuck in the same role you’ve been on since time immemorial or since joining the workforce. Wherever you are in your career at the moment, we’re pretty sure we you have one goal and that is to be able to land your dream job.

Yes, it is easier said than done. It’s definitely a daunting and challenging task as there’s no shortcuts to success. But with hard work and faith in what you can do, you can certainly turn your dreams into reality.

Consider these tips to help you land your dream job.

Identify what your dream job really is
The first step to landing the job you’ve always dreamt of is to identify what really makes you fulfilled and happy. What position or role do you see yourself in not only in the present moment but also in the future? Something that you will love to do for long term despite challenges and obstacles; something that will always enjoy doing no matter what.

There are times when people’s dream career doesn’t really coincide with what they took up in college and that’s okay. The important thing is you’re able to identify what you’ve always wanted.

Learn more about yourself
Take time to assess your personal values, principles and ideals. What are the beliefs you consider as non-negotiable? The ones you deem really important and not willing to bend no matter what happens. These are the things that will help you stay focused on your career.

Also take time to assess the kind of environment you want to work in, the culture of a company that you’re looking for. Be honest about these things because knowing yourself and what you really want is paramount to finding that rewarding and fulfilling career.

Write your personal goals
Your personal goals are what’s going to help you define which career path to take. It will help you further identify what job to pursue. Do your personal goals include being able to travel around the world? Maybe you can consider careers that involved flying or being a flight attendant or travel blogger perhaps. Are you personally passionate about cooking and seeing yourself having your own restaurant in the future? Write these goals down because these will help you narrow down what your dream role really is.

Research what your dream job entails
Now that you’ve finally nailed down your career goals, it’s about time to learn about the things you need to get there. Research the educational requirements, as well as the skills needed for the job. Do online research or maybe find ways to do an internship in a company to learn more about the role.

Get the skills and education needed
If you still lack the skills and education required by your dream job, don’t lose hope. You can acquire these things by taking additional units and classes or perhaps, reaching out to mentors, attending workshops and so on.

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