5 Important Traits to Include in your Resume

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5 Important Traits to Include in your ResumeA resume is a summary of a jobseeker’s educational background, employment history and experience, pertinent skills and other information relevant to the job they are applying for. It’s one of the most important things hiring managers and recruiters look at to determine whether or not a candidate is fit for a job post. And because a well-crafted resume can go a long way, it’s only imperative that you prepare a resume that stands out from the crowd.

Be sure your resume gets noticed by including these following traits in your resume.

A highly motivated person is attractive to any employer. Companies are definitely looking for candidates who are hardworking and those who have specific goals in their career because these are the ones who will be willing to go above and beyond to accomplish their tasks. Who wants to hire lazy employees, anyway?

If you’re someone who is driven and self-motivated, someone who desires to grow in terms of your professional life, don’t hesitate to indicate it in your resume.

Hiring managers are interested in candidates who are enthusiastic and passionate in what they do because they know that these people approach their tasks and responsibilities with positivity and desire to exceed expectations. Be sure to demonstrate this in your resume by using key terms such as driven and passionate.

Another trait you need to add in your resume if you want to get hired is flexibility. A lot of jobs require employees’ ability to multitask. Therefore, you have to show recruiters that you can easily adapt and adjust to any situation. There will be times when changes in terms of tasks and responsibilities take place. These are the times when your flexibility is especially necessary. By being flexible, you can quickly adapt to changes required by your job so you can continue to work at your best.

Whether inside or outside of work, reliability is one of the most important and admirable traits about a person. Employers want to hire workers they can rely and depend on. They are more interested in candidates who are responsible and trustworthy when it comes to work-related tasks and responsibilities. If you have always been reliable in your previous jobs by coming to work on time, finishing tasks on or before deadline and replying to communication in a timely manner, then you can have this trait indicated in your CV.

Dishonesty is never encouraged in the workplace regardless of the industry or nature of the business. Companies want employees whom they can trust not only with information but also with tasks. When you are honest with your work and always choose to do what’s right, you are also exhibiting integrity which is a key ingredient to thrive in a workplace. You won’t be hesitant to own up to your mistakes and will make sure to do whatever it takes to protect the interest of your company.


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