5 Career Networking Tips for Every Job Seeker

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5 Career Networking Tips for Every Job SeekerWhen it comes to the job search process, the importance of networking should never be discounted. Career networking is one of the integral components of job search success and therefore, should be part of your daily endeavors. Whether you are switching careers, looking for a job for the first time or looking for an opportunity to step up, your network is one of the things you can tap to help you get hired and grow your career.

Because your network is one of your greatest resources when looking for a job, here are the tips every job seeker might find useful.

Include the right people
Your career network should be made up of people who can help you with your job search in one way or another. It can include people from your previous jobs, former professors and bosses, friends, professional acquaintances, former colleagues and acquaintances from the same or similar field. Even your family members or neighbors can be included as well as other connections who can help you by referrals to others.

Join a professional association
Does your industry have a professional association it’s associated with? In most fields of work, there’s a sort of organization or group that unites the professionals involved in it. These associations conduct conferences, gatherings, meetings and other events. If your field of work is connected to a certain group, don’t hesitate to join and get involved. Attend events held by your association because this is an excellent way to expand your network.

Keep in touch with your network
It’s not enough that you establish your network and have created an extensive list of contacts you can reach out to when needed. It’s also equally important to nurture your existing network by keeping in touch with them on a regular basis. Make time for meeting up with your former bosses and colleagues even for just a quick chat over coffee. Send emails every now and then or get in touch through social media. You’re more likely to get help when you need it when you’ve constantly kept the communication open.

Think of ways to help your network, too
Networking, just like any other relationships, involves give and take. It shouldn’t be a one way street and you aren’t the only one who should benefit from it. If there’s any help you can extend to your network like a relevant job post others may possibly need, be sure to share it. Networking is a wonderful resource especially when the people involved in it are actively looking for ways to help and reciprocate the help they’re given.

Expand your online network
The internet is another reliable resource you can use when it comes to expanding your network. Several websites like LinkedIn can help you get connected with people from your industry, companies and professional groups. If you haven’t tried this yet, now is the best time to create your profile and build your personal brand online.

Career networking is a very lucrative resource job seekers can tap on if they are in search of a new job or career. Use these tips in your next job search to help increase your odds of success!


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