4 Tips on How to Take Charge of your Own Career Growth

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4 Tips on How to Take Charge of your Own Career GrowthOne of the reasons why many employees make the difficult decision of leaving a job is that they seek opportunity for growth. So, why is career growth really important? Besides financial growth, there are several other important reasons why you should seek and take charge of your own career growth.

For one, talented people should be proactively looking for ways to advance in a company or workplace. It may entail more responsibilities but it will also increase your job satisfaction. Career growth will also help expand your own knowledge, skills and abilities which will not only help you grow career-wise at the same time contribute to your overall growth.

So how do you take charge of you own career growth?

Think about your personal career development plan
To be successful in one’s career is something that doesn’t happen by accident. It’s something that a person works for. If you want your career to have a direction, now is the best time to craft your career plan. Think about the skills you’d need to learn and develop to get to where you want to be and start working on them. Look for opportunities that will help you sharpen these skills and do it not only because your job needs it but because these things can excite and fulfill you.

Seek help from mentors
People who are able to get to the top wouldn’t have done it without other people’s help. In the same way, you need expert guidance from those who have been there themselves. This is where mentorship comes in.

When looking for a mentor, look for those whose skills and qualities match with what you want to follow and emulate. This way, you can gain insights that you’ll find useful in the future.

Build your network
Networking is an excellent way to gather knowledge and information. It provides you ample opportunities to grow your career because when you have a bigger network, more doors will be open for you in terms of future career paths, mentorships, recommendations and more. It also  gives you the chance to talk about the things you’ve learned and experienced in the past. Be sure to find time to build and nurture your relationships. It can help spread the word about you and your brand.

Don’t say no to opportunities
You know that you want that one thing you’ve been dreaming of in your career and yet, you let your fears and hesitation keep you from taking the risk. Do it anyway! Don’t be afraid to say “yes” to every opportunity that comes your way. Don’t be scared to step out of your comfort zone. Otherwise, you’ll forever regret the chances you didn’t take; the ones that should have helped you create the change you want for your career.

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