4 Things to Consider before Finding a New Job

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4 Things to Consider before Finding a New JobStarting a new career is a life-changing decision. Your job will affect a huge part of your life, not only in terms of finances but your life as a whole - your relationships, time, social life and and of course, your health. And while there are plenty of opportunities out there, choosing a job is something that requires careful thought and decision-making. To make sure you’ll make a decision that you’ll never regret and that you land a career that makes you happy and fulfilled, here’s a list of some of the most important things to consider when finding a job.

When choosing a career that’s right for you, it’s imperative to look beyond the paycheck. The salary is certainly important especially when your employment is your sole bread and butter. However, your job satisfaction will not entirely come from your salary rate. There are other things that are actually valuable besides the salary and these include the perks and benefits.

What does this new job offer? What alluring offers does it have? Does it include lucrative retirement and insurance package? Does it offer adequate amount of paid time off and amazing bonuses and incentives? Are there health and wellness plans included? There’s so much more besides the salary that you have to consider so know what matters to you before making a decision.

Work hours
Your work hours will impact your life. It’s going to affect other important things outside of your work. Be sure that you and your employer have set clear expectations on the work schedule and hours you will observe. While most jobs follow the regular 9am to 5 schedule, some industries set their own shift schedules based on the operational needs of the business. Before committing to a new job, be sure you’re perfectly okay with your new schedule.

Long term career plan
Choosing and committing to a new job is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly because it can impact your future career path. So before you decide to take on a job offer, think carefully and ask yourself if this job is going to fit into your long term career goals. Will it serve as an excellent venue to develop and shape you personally and professionally? Will it help prepare you for bigger roles in the future? Is this the ideal stepping stone you’re looking for? If you’re only tempted to commit to this new job because of the lucrative salary, you might want to think twice before making a final decision.

Office culture
The culture of your new company is another important factor to consider before you accept their job offer. Evaluate if this company offers a pleasant work environment that can help you easily adjust and transition to your new role. What developmental programs do they have? Do the employees seem happy? Check reviews and look for feedback to find out if this place is right for you.

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