6 Easy Tips for a Job Interview

Job Interview TipsThere are some very simple things you can do to be more successful on the job interview. Here are 6 of my favorite easy tips for a job interview success.

Have a written copy of the name of your contact person. It's 5 minutes before your interview. You walk up to the security desk or to the receptionist, and they say, "Hi, who are you here to see?" And you have no idea of the name of the person, or can't seem to spell this person's name. Worse, the person at security doesn't know, either. Writing down the name and having the proper spelling will at least ensure that you get in the door.

Be nice to the receptionist. That person at the front desk, the one who seems to know everyone's name when they walk by? They may have far more power in the organization than the job title would lead you to believe. If that person dislikes you, he or she could make one comment and put your future job at jeopardy, even if you had a stellar interview with everyone else on the team. So, please always remember to be nice to everyone you encounter during your interview.

Wash off clamminess, sweat, and oil. Yes, I think the handshake sometimes is talked about too much. Still, you don't want someone to give you funny looks because your hand felt weird. If you're someone who may have sweaty, clammy, cold or oily hands, you can take steps to address this. Before your interview, go to the bathroom and wash your hands with soap and warm water. Then dry them well.

Be positive during your interview. Why is cranky old Scrooge all alone? In part, it's because people don't like those who whine, complain, or talk badly about themselves and others. Even if your boss was a total jerk, don't say anything negative about him. Your prospective next boss might worry that you'll do the same when his back is turned. Being positive can also work in your favor another way. People like people who make them happy. Hence, if you are positive and your interviewer feels happier while you're in the room, the interviewer will like you more, and you will be more likely to get the job.

Don't sweat the small stuff. Sometimes when people prep for an interview, they read blogs on the best body posture, how to fold your hands, how much eye contact is the right amount, and so on. If you paid attention to all of these things during your interview, you'd go crazy. So, don't worry about them too much. Stay engaged in the conversation. Your body will follow.

Send each person an individual thank-you note within 12 hours. The world keeps moving faster, so the old 24-hour response time can feel too slow to some people. Send an e-mail because it's faster, and a handwritten card if you want to appear thorough and thoughtful. Even if a panel of people interviewed you, each person should get a separate note, preferably with personalized comments. Be sure to ask for a business card from each person you interview with, so you have his or her contact info.

Hopefully, these tips for a job interview will make you more successful on your next attempt.