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    From the desk of:

    Alan Carniol – Creator of the “Create Your Dream Retirement Career” Program

     Let’s talk about a dilemma that a lot of folks find themselves in — especially after the kids have left home, and it's time to start thinking about the next chapter of their own life.

     I'm talking about the "grinding-away-until-retirement" dilemma.

     On one hand, retirement is still 10-15 years away. And although you might love to retire now, unless you want to spend your "golden years" in the poor house, you need to continue working and building up your nest egg. Because you simply don’t have the capital yet to replace your income.

     However, on the other hand, the thought of grinding it out in your current job for at least another decade fills you with dread. Because your job doesn't give you the same fulfillment that it once did, and 10-15 years is a LONG time to keep paying your dues until you can truly start living, right?

     What's more, there's no guarantee you will even be able to retire, let alone live your dream. Because life has a funny way of throwing us curved balls.

     It would be fantastic if you could retire right now (or, at the least, have the option available) – if you didn't have to climb onto the treadmill every morning – and could instead give your time and energy to something that makes you feel alive again. But your finances won't allow it. At least not yet.

     So, you need to keep grinding.


    That is the dilemma: keep grinding, even though the retirement they promised you is starting to feel like pie in the sky; or retire too soon and go broke.


    Here's the thing, though:

     What if I were to tell you that this is a FALSE dilemma?

     That it's based on a concept of "retirement" that is fundamentally flawed?

     That there's a much better way to transition into, and enjoy, the next chapter of your life — one that doesn't require you to spend the next 10-20+ years building a massive nest egg.



    “Traditional Retirement” – a FAILED Experiment?


    Here are two things many folks learn about “traditional retirement” the hard way:

    ·         First – that retirement is a lot more expensive than they expected. In fact, many folks find they have to keep working to enjoy the same lifestyle as before.

    ·         Second – that spending your days traveling the world and playing golf quickly starts to feel empty and meaningless. After "retiring" for a year or so, a lot of folks want to go back to work. They miss contributing to, and being a valued part of, something bigger.


    Retirement as we know it is actually a modern concept.

     It was an economic experiment devised by Bismarck (the first chancellor of a unified Germany) back in the late 1800s. He needed to find jobs for the young and malcontent, lest they rebel against his government – so his government literally paid workers over the age of 70 to vacate their positions.

     While it scored them a short-term win, this idea of "retirement", arguably, created more social problems than it solved, and should probably have been consigned to the dustbin of history forever.

    Bismarck’s experiment had failed.

     In the Great Depression, however, barely more than one generation after Bismarck, FDR faced a similar problem: a mob of unemployed and malcontent young people who had nothing to get up for in the morning, and who would have brought the country to its knees through civil unrest.

     So, he resurrected Bismarck's retirement concept, because it looked like a clever way to solve the problem of the day. And we have been stuck with it since.

     For almost all of history, most professionals didn't really "retire".

     At least not in the way we now think about retirement.

     Sure, they might slow down as they got older, and they would probably step away from some of the more "hands-on" tasks that are really suited for young and less experienced professionals who are still learning the ropes. However, they would contribute their knowledge, experience, and wisdom.

     Bosses were eager to keep them as part of the team — even if "just" as an advisor, or an experienced hand who could mentor others. And this feels completely natural, right?

     Now, don't get me wrong. There are many folks who find the modern concept of retirement appealing, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

     However, most of the Daily Success Boost* readers I've spoken with, or even coached — they don't want to spend the rest of their days playing golf. [*FYI: Daily Success Boost is the name of my email newsletter. It contains tips on job search, interview, and career success.]

     They just want to slow down.

     They just want to rise every morning and know they have the freedom to spend their day doing something they enjoy, being around people they like and respect, and contribute to something they truly believe in — while being able to balance that with other parts of their life as well.

     And is that really too much to ask?

     It's absolutely not.

     In fact, this "retirement career" lifestyle that I just described is very much achievable. I know this because, over the last year or so, I've helped a small handful of my private coaching clients make this their daily reality. And, in a few moments, I’ll show you the five-step process we followed.



    What Is a “Retirement Career”?


    It’s more than just a job, or even a career – it’s an entire lifestyle.

     And it’s based on three main insights:

    1.    You probably don’t want to completely retire. You just want to bring more balance into your life – to be able to keep doing what you love, what you’re good at – but also have more time for other parts of your life that always had to be put on the backburner.

    2.    You can probably get paid to do something you always dreamed of doing for free. It’s a big world out there – and there is a LOT more opportunity than most realize.

    3.    When you that, the economics of retirement change dramatically. Because you now have a second stream of income and your retirement investments no longer have to work so hard. You now have more options, more freedom, more opportunities to live your dreams.

     There is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” retirement career.

     You need to get clear on your current situation and prospects, discover what it is that you (along with your spouse or partner) really want out of life, and then uncover hidden opportunities.

     For more than a year, I had been helping private clients go through this process, by means of weekly one-on-one coaching sessions. Here are some of the “retirement careers” we created:

    ·         “Dr. Jack” – Always dreamed of travelling the world. He discovered, and joined, a travelling medical service. Now he gets paid to travel wherever he likes and fill on for doctors who are on vacation. He loves being a practicing M.D., and didn’t want to give it up. Now he gets to do what he loves, get paid to live his retirement dream, and have more time and more money available for other parts of his life that are also important to him. 

    ·         “Kate” – At 53 years old, realized that climbing the corporate ladder no longer gave her the same meaning and fulfilment it once did. But she loved coaching her employees, especially younger women who were struggling with the same challenges she once did. So, she set up a home-based coaching practice for female executives. Now she gets to spend more time with her husband, while doing work that aligns with her deepest values.

    ·         “Joni” – Worked as an accountant for Lehman Brothers. She hated the job, but always dreamed of retiring so that she could spend her days working for animal rights. Most of her retirement savings was in Lehman Brothers stock, which the financial crisis wiped out. But she found a job with the World Wide Fund for Nature, and now she gets paid for doing what she always dreamed of doing for free. She didn’t even need that Lehman Brothers stock!

     Do you know what all these “retirement careers” have in common?

     All of them were achievable immediately.

     Although both “Dr. Jack” and “Joni” were already at retirement age when they discovered their retirement career, both of them could have made the transition a decade before they did.

     In hindsight, they spent many years of their life working hard and grinding away at a job that no longer fulfilled them – and it was completely unnecessary.

     Kate, on the other hand, leaned about the “retirement career” concept relatively early on, and she managed to escape the daily grind and, as a result, live a life of balance and meaning.

     Let’s talk about your dream retirement career.

     (By the way, it’s okay if you don’t know what your dream retirement career looks like right now, because this is something we’re going to figure out together in the program.)

     Whatever your dream retirement career is, it’s something you can transition into RIGHT NOW. Even if you are years away from traditional retirement. You do NOT need to keep grinding away.

     How do you make this transition?

     You need to work through five specific steps.

                                                        5-Steps to Freedom from the Daily Grind:

    Discover and Create Your Dream Retirement Career

     These are the five steps that I helped “Dr. Jack”, “Kate”, and “Jodi” work through during our private coaching sessions. You can get started on the first step now – without having to make any decisions or commitments just yet – and each step builds upon the ones before it.

    Here they are:

    ü  Step 1 – Understanding your situation right now
    This is mostly about understanding the numbers. How much do you actually need to live the life you want? How much are you likely to have, if you continue on the path you are on, when you reach retirement age? What changes would you need to make so that you can save more, earn more from your investments, or simply live better for less? We also need to take stock of your skills and experience. What can you offer, that others will want to pay for?

    ü  Step 2 – Discovering what you really want out of life
    Life gets super busy. Digging into what you really want out of your one way journey often gets pushed aside for the crisis for the day. However, when you peel back the surface of day to day busy, you can look at what’s important to you. You can get clear on how you want to spend your time. You can figure out what it is that creates meaning for you and gets you excited to wake up in the morning, what engages your mind, and with whom you want to surround yourself. From there, we can begin to form a vision for your next chapter.

    ü  Step 3 – Testing the waters without committing
    There are times in our lives where we realize what we thought we wanted and what, on reflection, we actually wanted are two very different things. So, now that you have a rough idea of what you want the next chapter of your life to look like, it is time to explore, to test the waters, and to get a clear picture of what works for you and what doesn’t. How? The best way is to connect with people who are already living one of your possibilities – so you can figure out which ones you want to bring into the future you are designing.

    ü  Step 4 – Designing your dream retirement career and lifestyle
    Now that you have tested the waters and you have an idea of what possibilities you want to bring into your future, it is time to bring your vision for the future into focus – by putting it into words that describe the retirement career and lifestyle that best meets all your needs.

    ü  Step 5 – Create an action plan and take the first few steps
    Transformation doesn’t happen in a leap. It takes place over a series of small steps. This final step is about creating a series of small and manageable daily and weekly actions you can take – to transition from where you are right now into your dream retirement career and lifestyle, one step at a time, and one foot in front of the other. We can also find ways for you to start living some of your dreams right away.

    As you can see, although it is indeed possible for a person to work through these five steps on their own, it is infinitely easier when you are accompanied by a trusted coach.

     The journey is much easier when you have someone by your side – someone who can listen to your ideas carefully, challenge your assumptions, offer honest feedback, and help you see “blind spots”.

     Over the last month or so, since I started talking about the concept of a “retirement career” and sharing these ideas, we received a LOT of messages from folks – asking if there was a way to help them create their dream retirement career, just like I helped “Dr. Jack”, “Kate”, and “Joni”.

     So, I went away and did some thinking.

     And then I started outlining the content for a group coaching program – one that takes you through these same five steps – based on the material that I shared with my private coaching clients.

     Now, after more than a year of hard work, it is finally ready for the first class.

                                                              Presenting – My Brand New Program:

    “Create Your Dream Retirement Career”

    This new program is a LIVE online class, supported by group coaching. There will be ten weekly sessions – two for each of the five steps that are outlined above.

     During the first session of each pair, we will cover the vital concepts and ideas for that step before moving to questions. Then, we’ll wrap up with a homework assignment. In the second session, we’ll go through your homework together, discuss any stocking points, and make sure everyone is moving forward through the five steps together and creating their dream retirement.

     Although ever class with be live, they will all be recorded.

     You’ll be able to download video and audio recordings of each session after they finish, along with downloads for all the homework assignments, slides, and other important materials.

     This means, if you’re unable to make one of the sessions, you’ll be able to catch up at a time that fits your other commitments. Also, if you have any questions about your unique situation or topics that you would like me to cover, you can email them to me beforehand – and I’ll be sure to cover your questions, concerns or sticking points on the call. Also, you don’t have to worry about taking any notes, which means you can be fully immersed and engaged in every session.

                                                             What Is the Enrollment Fee?


    When I started developing this course, I planned on charging $1,000 for it. That’s just a fraction of

    what my private clients paid for this training.  And I couldn’t find anything else like it on the market.

     However, after some feedback from my Daily Success Boost subscribers, I finally settled on an enrollment fee for my new “Create Your Dream Retirement Career” program of just $597.

     For the amount of time and work I put into creating this program – as well as the fact that you will get the opportunity, through the live group coaching calls, to have me answer questions about your unique situation and help you navigate this transition – that felt like a steal.

     $597 would be worth every last dime.

     And it’s a fair price.

     Yet, for reasons I’m about to outline below, you won’t pay that full enrollment fee today.

                                                                                                              First Graduating Class

    Limited to ONLY 28 Spots


    As you’ll see in a moment, this time around I’m opening my “Create Your Dream Retirement Career” program to only a small number of students, which I’ll refer to as the “first graduating class”.

     For this class, 50% of the regular enrollment fee will be WAIVED.


    Because you’re going to help me make this program a success.

     After each of the ten sessions, I’m counting on you to complete a short online survey, which I’ll use to help plan the next session – to make sure that the program is as relevant and helpful as possible.

     Also, I’m going to be taking a personal interest in your success.

     My staff and I will be tracking your progress throughout this program, making sure that you’re able to work through each of the five steps and achieve the change in direction you need.

     So, what is the “first graduating class” fee?

     Not $597 – but $297. That’s the entire fee. Just $297.

     What’s more, you’ll also get access to a special bonus package worth $647. (More in a moment.)

     There’s just one catch:

     Because of the high level of personal interaction that will take place during the LIVE group coaching sessions – and the fact that I will be personally following every student’s progress – this first class will be limited to only 28 spots. When they are taken, enrollment will close immediately.

    As I mentioned above, over the last few weeks I have received a lot of messages from other Daily Success Boost subscribers. This new program is EXACTLY what they have been looking for.

     If you’re one of them, then I recommend you reserve your spot RIGHT NOW.

     Because we’re expecting this “first graduating class” to sell out in a matter of days.

     Click the button in the box below to go to the checkout page and complete your order[LB1] . It takes just a few minutes. And then you don’t have to worry about somebody else taking your spot.



    “Create Your Dream Retirement Career”

    Regular Enrollment Fee: $597

    Special “First Graduating Class” Fee: $297

    (Plus: complimentary $647 bonus package)


    Limited to 28 Spots ONLY.

    Enrollment Closes: Saturday December 1, 2018




     Complimentary $647 Bonus Package


    Here’s what you’ll get:

    ·         Private “One-on-One” Advisory Kickoff Session – This will be a private telephone call, with me. You and I will talk through what you’re hoping to achieve from this program. We’ll also talk through any questions or sticking points where you want guidance. $500 value.

    ·         Lifetime Access to the FULL Dream Job Formula Program – Your own transition to your dream retirement career may involve job search. So, I’m going to give you full access to my Dream Job Formula program, which shows you how to find job opportunities in the “hidden” job market and put yourself in the running for them. $147 value.



    The advisory kickoff session is a special perk that I intend to offer only to the “first graduating class”.



    “Create Your Dream Retirement Career”

    Regular Enrollment Fee: $597

    Special “First Graduating Class” Fee: $297

    (Plus: complimentary $647 bonus package)


    Limited to 28 Spots ONLY.

    Enrollment Closes: Saturday December 1, 2018





    A Final Thought:

    Are You on the WRONG Train?


    Let me share a riddle with you.

     You’re on a train. It’s a train you’ve been travelling on for many years now. And you’re facing out the window, looking at the scenery and the landscape as it changes after each mile.

     When you were younger, you used to feel excited about riding this train. You had hope, maybe even faith, that it was taking you to a faraway land where every day would feel like a dream.

     However, these days, when you look out the window… something just feels… off.

     You can’t put your finger on it.

     But, for some reason you can’t explain, it feels like you’re on the wrong train. Your intuition – the same intuition that has never lied to you or led you astray – it’s telling you to get off.

     Your intuition is right, of course.

     But how do you know? Why are you so sure?

     The answer is simple.

     The longer you stay on this train, the more this feeling of unease grows. The more time you spend looking out of the window, the more you feel an urgency to get off the train.

     Because you’re heading in the wrong direction.

     You need to get off this train, find your own True North again, and get on another train that is going to take you in the direction you’re supposed to follow. This new train won’t take you to your dream retirement immediately. But when you step aboard, you’ll know you’re on the right path – and you’ll be able to relax again and enjoy looking out the window like you did when you were young.

     That’s what my new “Create Your Dream Retirement Career” program is about.

     It’s not a magic teleporter to your dream retirement. It’s a change of direction. It’s an opportunity to step off the train, find your Truth North again, and get on a different train that will take you there.

     And we’re going to make this connection together.

     We’ll step off the old train together. We’ll spend some precious time talking and brainstorming on the platform, getting deep and figuring things out. And then I’ll walk you onto your new train.

     Life really is a journey.

     But it’s a one-way journey. Whichever train you decide to take, it only travels forwards. Never backwards. And every day that passes, our window for changing direction gets a little smaller.

     So, let’s seize this opportunity. Right now. Because now is all we have.

     “Traditional” retirement isn’t the destination you want to go to anymore. You now have the maturity to realize that it isn’t going to be the land of dreams they promised you. It’s time to get off that train.

     It’s time for a change in direction. And we can make this change together.

     Click the button below and join me for this first graduating class.



    “Create Your Dream Retirement Career”

    Regular Enrollment Fee: $597

    Special “First Graduating Class” Fee: $297

    (Plus: complimentary $647 bonus package)


    Limited to 28 Spots ONLY.

    Enrollment Closes: Saturday December 1, 2018