Tips to a Successful Phone Interview

Preparing For a Phone InterviewThere are different ways companies use to interview people. One of those is the phone interview. Companies use phone interviews for several reasons, but the most popular are to cut costs and to screen people better. Companies want to avoid the cost of interviewing everyone face-to-face. They would rather only have to face the best ones.

Due to the popular use of phone interviews, it is important to prepare yourself for one. Preparing for the interview will help you get past the first phase and get a face-to-face interview. Here is a list of tips to help you have a successful phone interview.

1.Physical copies are still in – In today’s digital age, you may think that printing is only a waste when you can have everything on your computer, laptop, or smartphone. These gadgets have truly improved our way of life, but they are still prone to problems. Printing copies of your resume is recommended so that will you have a copy if problems arise. Having a physical copy in front of you during the phone interview will help you go over your strengths and accomplishments.

2.A landline is better – In a time when most people have a cellphone with them 24 hours a day, it may seem like a landline wouldn’t be a good idea to use in a phone interview. Cellphones are fine, but they can also have problems with the network, so unless you are 100% sure that network problems won’t be an issue, a landline is better.

3.Disable extra features – Yes, today’s electronics are so much better, but they can also be the reason why an applicant fails a phone interview. Turn of all of those extra features of your phone 15 minutes before the scheduled time of the call. You don’t want these things sabotaging the interview.

4.Pick a quiet place – During a phone interview, you don’t want any disturbances. Remind yourself of the scheduled time of the call, and make sure that you will be in a quiet place where you feel comfortable. Ideally during a scheduled phone interview you want to be at home, in a room where kids or pets are not allowed inside during the duration of the call.

5.Loud and clear – In the course of a phone interview, speak in a loud, clear voice. You want the interviewer to understand every word you say.

6.Take time – An area in which most applicants fail in a phone interview is not taking the time to think about their answers. Just because you are in a phone interview doesn’t mean that you can’t take a few seconds to collect your thoughts. Taking time in answering questions will help you give better answers.

7.Stand up and smile – Just because the interviewer doesn’t see you, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take the interview as seriously. Standing up during the phone interview will help you relax during the interview. Smiling helps you sound friendlier.

8.Be honest – If, during the course of the conversation, there is a major distraction that’s keeping you from being in top form, it is wiser to be honest to the interviewer. She will appreciate your honesty. The interviewer would rather hear the real reason than listen to you trying to cover up the reason you were distracted.

9.Always be prepared – Always have your resume ready. Have documents you’ll need during the interview prepared in a place where you can easily get them.

A phone interview is the first step in getting a job. You want to be prepared and be at your best during the interview. Don’t let anything get in the way of your opportunity to get the job. Follow the tips above, and give yourself the best chance to land that job.