Interview Questions: Proudest Moment at Work as a Waitress

Interview Questions WaitressAt some point in our lives, we have done something incredibly good at work. Whether you were able to manage a problem calmly or were able to make a little girl smile, it’s always possible to do something good that will help people not to lose faith in humanity. As a waitress, it is normal to interact with a lot of people at work. Have you done something that has made you especially proud? This question is sometimes asked by recruiters to get an idea of how an employee acts under various circumstances.

In order to be an effective waitress, you must be able to handle people with different types of personalities. No matter how grumpy they are, you should be able to serve them patiently. If you can do this, then you should be proud because not all people have the right kind of temperament to do this. If you’re asked about your proudest moments at work as a waitress, follow the tips below to help you come up with an excellent answer:

Reminisce. Think about your job history and pick a few restaurants that made you feel happy working to work there. Chances are, you had a good record working at these restaurants and there must be something that made you feel proud to work there.

Think of some bad situations that you encountered but were able to turn around with your skills and personality. Jot it down with your pen or computer to help you gather your thoughts in an organized way.

Remember not to limit your answers to dealing with customers. Perhaps you were able to be of help to a co-worker or to your manager. Did you do something to help the business grow? If so, write it all down and go the next step.

Think of the reasons you were proud of the situations you chose in the previous step. Now that you’ve jotted down a couple of points, it’s time to expand those answers one by one.

If you were able to handle a difficult customer, explain what happened exactly. Your hiring manager or recruiter may want to know the whole story to know where you’re coming from. Of course, keep it short and simple and omit unnecessary details. Don’t come off as sounding too proud or boastful. Be humble when you tell the story to avoid making the wrong impression. Convey your emotions as sincerely as possible, and state how your actions benefited the business and/or the customer itself.

If you have many different moments you can think of, narrow down your options to the most vital one. Choose one incident that you were the most proud of. You can’t talk about your proudest moments forever; your recruiter might get the wrong impression that you have a big mouth and don’t know when to stop talking.

Working as a waitress requires dedication and a passion for serving others. When you answer the question about your proudest moment, don’t be afraid to convey how happy you were to serve others. Doing this helps recruiters get the feel that you have the right attitude for this job, and that will definitely help you get hired.

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