Interview Questions: Giving Examples of Previous Accounting Reports

Giving Accounting ReportsAccounting reports are periodic statements which show the financial position of a firm at a given specific time or period of time. It also refers to the process of generating accounting reports, more commonly known as financial statements, from a business’ accounting data. These reports are like scorecards by which the financial health of a business is measured.


When you’re applying for a secretarial position, you are required to have knowledge of how to write accounting reports or financial statements. Furthermore, when you’re in a job interview, you will be asked to give examples of previous accounting reports that you have already written.

The interviewer wants you to share these experiences and examples so that he or she can be able to assess your ability to write accurate and timely reports and complete tasks and obligations within a given deadline.

How do you answer this question? Here are few techniques that can help you:

  • Demonstrate your own experience in maintaining accounting principles, practices, and procedures to ensure accurate and timely financial statements and reports. Provide an example of your previous accounting reports; explain and elaborate on the details. Be sure to highlight your skills, and remember to clearly indicate your strong points.
  • Discuss your ability to meet tight deadlines and undertake a multitude of accounting activities. You will be expected to complete tasks and fulfill obligations within a certain period of time specified by your boss, and you will also be asked to do a great deal of work (even that which is beyond your set of responsibilities). So to impress your future employers, you have to be more specific about your ability to meet deadlines no matter how challenging the projects will be.
  • Demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of generally accepted and statutory accounting principles. Accounting reports are used to determine and understand the financial position, financial performance, and cash flows of a business; you have to demonstrate your familiarity with these things.
  • Explain the processes and procedures you used to prepare for a particular accounting report, and point out the methods you implemented to achieve a positive result. Explain how much you contributed to the previous company’s business and how the methods you used could contribute to the new company’s bottom line.

These guidelines will surely help you in landing a job. Accounting reports are easy to explain if you are truly knowledgeable about them. Just remember to stay confident, calm, and relaxed, knowing that your preparation will pay off.

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