Interview Question: What assignment was too difficult for you, and how did you resolve it?

Interview Question AssignmentThis question is usually asked during the interview to help hiring managers get an idea of how you respond to a challenge. They’re wondering: Do you have the ability to be flexible? What is your definition of “difficult”?Learn how to sail through this question and put yourself in contention.

What to Do

Keep in mind that if you answer the right way, you can impress by showing off your coping skills and range of abilities.

To help you get your focus right, think of the challenging roles you have had in the past. Have you found yourself stretched to the limit? Talk about it and how you dealt with the stress.

Before going to the interview, make sure to list the most difficult challenges you have faced. This will help you choose the best experience to share during the interview.

What not to Do

No matter how good an employee you are, never make the mistake of saying you’ve never dealt with a difficult assignment. This will make you look like you lack experience.

Perhaps you had to overcome a lack of knowledge or skill the hindered you from doing the job well. Think of the difficult situations you were faced with that eventually helped you to become more confident in what you do.

Preparation is the Key

No matter what questions will be thrown at you, make sure to prepare days ahead to keep your nerves in check. Practice with a friend and draft your answers to help you articulate your statements professionally.

Don’t forget to be confident in answering questions to avoid being taken off the list. Dressing professionally, arriving on time and wearing a smile will take you a long way.

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