Interview Question: Talking about Your Best Trait as a Waitress

Interview Question WaitressWaitresses have a challenging job in which they have a number of responsibilities, from being a salesperson and customer service representative for the restaurant to taking orders and occasionally checking on patrons. In addition, they are expected to make sure that the paying customer had at least a satisfactory dining experience. They also need to be knowledgeable of the menu, ingredients, and how each item on the menu is prepared. In addition to that, they have to be polite, courteous, and prompt, and they are required to work well with other employees.


Hence, if you are applying for this position, one of the interviewer’s questions might be: If I were to ask your coworkers what were you’re best at: guest interaction, food knowledge, keeping the establishment clean, or creating a fun work environment, what would they say?

Why is he or she interested in this?

  • He/she wants to know what your best quality is among the aforementioned set of abilities;
  • He/she wants to be sure about what you can contribute to the company/restaurant;
  • He/she wants to know what you think your coworkers think of you and how they perceive you as a coworker and as a person.

How do you answer this question?

1. To prepare yourself for this question, you can try communicating with your previous coworkers and ask them what they think about you. Are you good at guest interaction? Food knowledge? Keeping the establishment clean? Or creating a fun work environment? Make a survey, and tally the response. Once you’ve finalized the results and found out what they think, you may consider this as a response to your interviewer.

2. Aside from your coworkers’ opinions, you might also want to consider your own perspective. What do you think you’re best at? What is the number one quality you have among these choices?

3. When you’re done analyzing your coworkers’ and your own opinions, finalize your answer by deciding which of these characteristics could be the best response. What’s the most important trait? Do you possess it? If yes, how can you demonstrate this?

4. In the interview, tell the interviewer the answer you’ve prepared with complete confidence. Be sure to explain it fully, no matter how simple it is. Keep it real, and don’t add any extraneous information that might jeopardize your chances.

5. Emphasize how outstanding you are at the skill you and your coworkers have chosen; however, also mention that you’re also good at other tasks and responsibilities.

Remember that all of these attributes (good communication for guest interaction, knowledge about the food and the menu, keeping the restaurant clean, and creating a fun work environment) are extremely important. There is no right or wrong answer. Speak truthfully, and you shouldn’t have a hard time answering the question.

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