Sep, 2016

Things Never to Ask in a Job Interview

Things Never to Ask in a Job Interview It’s important to ask questions during a job interview. But asking the wrong questions may take you out of the running.

Here are some questions you should never ask during a job interview:

What is the salary? Though salary is an important factor in your decision, it is not appropriate to ask how much you’ll be paid during the interview. Timing is key. Dropping the salary question at a bad time can indicate that you only care about the pay and not the work itself.

An interviewer may press you early on about salary as well. It’s best to avoid committing to a specific number when it comes to your salary. Steer the conversation back to your credentials and job responsibilities if you can.

Can I work from home? Don’t expect to be able to work from home if you’re applying for a full-time position. Though there are currently lots of companies that are open to working from home, it’s not something you want to bring up during your initial interview.

Asking this question will make you look like you’re more concerned with making your work schedule fit your personal life. Save this question until you’ve earned the job and you’ve proven yourself to your superior.

How long before I get promoted or get a raise? Though there’s nothing wrong with being ambitious and forward-thinking, employers may not appreciate it if you ask this question during the interview.

It’s not the recruiter’s obligation to help you plan your future. It’s best to focus on what you can offer the company. If the company is a good fit and you’re doing your job well, a raise or promotion may very well be in your future.

How much paid vacation would I get? The benefits package may play a large role in your decision-making, but questioning the hiring manager about perks can work against you. It’s better to wait until you get a job offer before asking this question. Again, timing is critical for this one, so be careful. Take some time to reflect on why a benefit like paid vacation is so important to you. Consider whether the job is the right one.

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