Sep, 2013

5 Questions That Can Help You Find Your Unique Value

Job Search QuestionsWriting a resume is challenging and even a little risky. Trying to make a good impression and afraid to make a mistake, some people lean towards playing it safe when writing a resume. How do they play it safe? They tend to look at other people’s resumes and follow their formula. Thus, they begin to conform and their resume loses its uniqueness.

Aug, 2013

4 Tips on Explaining Resume Gaps

Resume GapsA resume gap, which indicates a period of time when you weren’t working, is not uncommon nowadays. The problem is: How will you explain yourself if the interviewer asks about it? You can use the following tips to help you address that issue.

Aug, 2013

7 Tips on Perfecting Your Cover Letter

Perfect Cover LetterAfter you’ve identified job positions you want to apply for, it’s time to craft the perfect cover letter to send to potential employers along with your resume. Cover letters are great opportunities for you to discuss your job skills and previous job experience. This is your chance to stand out among all of the applicants, so use these tips to make your cover letter as good as possible.

Aug, 2013

12 Topics to Help You Ask Questions at the End of an Interview

Interview Questions to AskThe interview isn’t just a way for a potential employer to learn about your skills and abilities, but also a chance for you to ask him or her questions regarding the company, the position, and anything else you want to know about them. It is advisable that you prepare intelligent and well-constructed questions to let your interviewer recognize that you’re really interested.

Aug, 2013

How to Overcome the Interview Nerves

Interview BluesYou have an interview coming up, and this is your chance to prove yourself. You only have one shot, and you need to get it right on the first try. You’re excited and enthusiastic, but you also feel nervous and uncertain about what might happen. How do you overcome this?

Aug, 2013

Internships: A Stepping Stone to Success

Job InternshipsAn internship isn’t just a temporary job. Rather, it’s the first step in building your career and finding a job that suits you. At the end of the internship, you should have acquired new skills and knowledge in the specific field you have interned for.

Aug, 2013

How to Do Well in an Interview: 9 Tips

Interview TipsEvery job interview is different, so it’s advisable to have various approaches. You can do this by mastering the art of adaptability, wherein you have to go with the flow and always stay a step ahead.

Aug, 2013

4 Ways to Boost Your Confidence When Looking for a Job

Interview ConfidenceJob interviews are not just about how skilled and talented you are. Interviewers don’t just look at your resume or focus on how smart you are. They’re also evaluating your confidence level.

Aug, 2013

Interview: Are You Impressive or Not?

Impressing in the InterviewIf we were to write a list of everything you need to know about interviewing, it would take a lot of time and paper. A huge number of books and articles are available on this topic, many of them giving contradictory advice.

Many people will tell you to be yourself during interviews, but some may say that you should put on an act in order to get the job you want. Whether you believe the former or the latter, there are certain guidelines that can be applied in most interview situations.

Aug, 2013

NSA Surveillance and What Recruiters Discover About You Online [infographic]

In today’s world, where the Internet is a major part of our lives and so many people have smartphones and tablets, it’s no surprise that even in the business world, employers are starting to use the web in making hiring decisions.