Thursday, 06 September 2018 14:18

The Hidden Jobs Market

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The Hidden Jobs MarketWhen most folks are searching for a job, they take a look at the "public job market" -- i.e., they browse through job websites, local newspapers, etc.

There's nothing wrong with that, per se.

However, you should know that these are the places hiring managers resort to when they've exhausted all other options. In other words, the "public job market" is NOT their first choice.

Monday, 03 September 2018 13:49

Nobody Wants to Hire a 47 Year Old Mom

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Nobody Wants to Hire a 47 Year Old MomRemember that blogI around a month ago – the one where I shared that quote from Rocky ("Why getting a job is like being a boxer")?
If not, here's that quote again:
(It pretty much sums up the attitude YOU need to have to get your dream job.)

Friday, 31 August 2018 13:17

FAQ Friday - August 31-2018

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FAQFridayAugust312018It's Friday, which means today, I'm answering your questions and giving you the straight, honest truth -- exactly as if my own family were the ones asking.

Here goes:

First, Frank asks,

Should you apply for a job if you dont meet the requirementsReaders often ask me a variation of this question:

“I saw a position that’s pretty much my dream job. But I don’t meet all the requirements that were advertised. Should I apply for it anyway, on a stretch – or move on?”

It's a great question.

But instead of answering it myself, today, I’ll let “Sarah” – an Interview Success Formula student, answer the question with an email she sent a few weeks back.

Monday, 27 August 2018 03:32

Focusing on the Real Obstacle

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Focusing on the Real ObstacleHere's an interesting email I just received from a reader:

Hello Alan,

I have been a follower for about 2 years now and I know you have addressed the over 50 people in the past but I still can't get hired. When the application says how much experience should I tell the truth at over 20?
Thank you,


Saturday, 25 August 2018 04:36

Over 100 Applications and Only One Interview

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Over 100 Applications and Only One InterviewLast week, I received a message from "D":
I have applied for over 100 jobs but I got only one interview. Most of the application are being rejected during preliminary screening. I am getting some calls from recruiting agencies but they are not coming back.
He goes on to say:

Thursday, 23 August 2018 00:04

Body Language 101: Wolf or Sheep?

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Body Language 101 Wolf or SheepWhat does your body language say? Are you a wolf on the prowl, or a sheep waiting to be hunted?

Here are some tips on how you can tell the difference. These tips can help you on the job search, on the job, and at home.

Every moment, our bodies are signaling, among other emotions, a level of power and status.  And signaling the wrong power level can ruin relationships.

Is It Possible to Have Too Many Irons in the FireWe talk a lot about putting more irons in the fire.

But what does that really mean?

It means making sure that you always have other promising job opportunities lined up – great jobs, where you’re genuinely in the running, that you’d be thrilled to land.

How to Build a Professional Network from Scratch Part 2Let’s pick up where we left off about building a new professional network quickly – even if you’re starting over in a new city

If you missed it, I highly suggest giving it a quick read. Because a Daily Success Boost reader (who we called “Ken”) asked for specific strategies if you were starting from zero.

I answered his question and detailed the first of two approaches for putting yourself in the running for stellar jobs the public never hears about.

How to Build a Professional Network from Scratch Part 1I recently received an excellent question from a Daily Success Boost subscriber who we’ll call “Ken".

Ken is starting over in a new state, and he needs to build a professional network right away so he can put himself in the running for the kind of high-quality positions that are often not advertised publicly.

More on that in a moment.

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