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How to Stop Sabotaging Yourself at Work

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How to Stop Sabotaging Yourself at WorkThere is a saying, “you are your worst enemy.'' This has been irrefutable across all cultures because it happens to everyone, regardless of culture. Self-sabotage is more prevalent in the workplace, where habits that could undermine success are common. This behavior not only prevents a person from performing to their full potential but professionally, it also gives colleagues and clients an impression that you are not capable of achieving anything.

To achieve better outcomes and the high-performance rate at work, you must be aware of these psychological and behavioral attitudes and take measures to keep them at bay.

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Setting Up Boundaries at Work the Healthy Way

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Setting Up Boundaries at Work the Healthy WayMany people spend most of their time at work, which can sometimes interfere with their personal life. Workplace boundaries are crucial to help reduce stress and increase the sense of self-control. Setting up boundaries at work is also an important step toward finding fulfillment, and eventually, success in life.

What is Workplace Boundaries?

Employees prefer a working environment with a good work-life balance. Setting up workplace boundaries help you achieve and safeguard that work-life balance while still keeping your sanity intact.

Boundaries at work may have something to do with how much work you are willing or not willing to handle. It also deals with the relationship you want to build between you and your colleagues, boss, or clients.

Time Management Tips Every Busy Parent Should Know AboutA lot of parents would say that parenting is a rewarding job. Being rewarded every day with sticky hugs, shrieking giggle fits, and crooked drawings, plus an opportunity to regress by eating your kids’ Halloween candies, watching countless hours of cartoons, and hopping around in public places, can be pretty satisfying.

While it is a rewarding job, it is also hard. There are long hours, dealing with tantrums, watching over them at all times, worrying all the time and an excessive amount of snot.

For working parents, life takes on a totally different meaning. Your level of insanity and patience is tested. You have to make sure that there is a balance between the demands of your work and your family’s needs. It sometimes feels like you are playing a game of Twister – there are confusions, contortions and the ever-nagging question: why I am doing this?

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Writing a Good Resume for Applicant Tracking System

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Writing a Good Resume for Applicant Tracking SystemJob-hunting dilemma – we all have been there. You find an ideal job opportunity, personalize your resume and cover to impress the hiring manager, submit your application online, and hope that you will get that coveted spot for an initial interview. However, it is harder than it seems. With hundreds of resumes that a hiring manager gets in a day, getting yours in their hands – or in their inbox is a pretty complicated process. And more often than not, your resume gets lost in the “black hole”. This makes you wonder if something was wrong with all your credentials and why the employer didn’t find you a fit for the job.

What most job seekers don’t know is that about 75% of job applications get rejected before even being seen by a human eye. Recruiters do not have all the time in the day to review every application they receive. They turn to technology to screen the most qualified applicant through an applicant tracking system.

“What if I went out on my own and became my own boss?”

This is a question I have heard asked by many people who are frustrated in their jobs. They want more control. And, they are tired of having someone else set their agenda and determine their employment. They wonder whether they can earn more and enjoy life more if they set out on their own.

For many people starting a business means too much risk, too much stress, too much unknown.

Their priorities are not on the adventure of creating a new venture, but on taking care of their family, and on focusing on other aspects of their life beyond their income. For others, their compensation working for someone else is so high that it’s not worth passing up to start out on their own.

And yet for others, starting a business means creating new possibilities in their life, and moving in new directions that they’ve dreamed about for years.

If you’ve ever thought about going out on your own but wanted to better understand the risks and rewards, this short article can help.

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How Rap Lyrics Help Land Dream Jobs

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How Rap Lyrics Help Land Dream Jobs 2A few days ago my wife Andrea and I went shopping to buy a new pair of glasses. We were in a bit of a hurry because she had to get them before she starts her new job.

Why the rush?

Because if she doesn’t use her current job’s vision benefits before the end of the month, she loses them for good.

Unfortunately, this is normal for benefit plans, because they are like frequent flyer miles: you either use them or lose them.

Oddly enough, it reminds me of a catchy little ditty by the rap artist “Eminem”.

Tuesday, 28 May 2019 04:28

Habits That Will Help You Land A Job

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7 Habits That Will Help You Land A JobYou know Stephen Covey's The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People?

In the past, we've talked about the seven habits of highly effective job candidates. Today, I'm going to share with you seven different habits that will help you land your dream job in 2019 — seven things that you can, and maybe should, start doing religiously almost every day.

It doesn't matter whether you're a full-time job seeker right now, a content employee who is looking to take their career to the next level, or someone who is planning to transition into a retirement career.

These seven habits will help you sow the seeds to your success.

5 Things in Your Job Application You Cannot ControlHere are five things you cannot control, when it comes to getting a job:

(1) Ageism:

Yes, it's ugly. Yes, it's (technically) unlawful. And yes, sadly it exists.

Now, I will add -- it's not everywhere and it does not have to hold you back or dictate your future prospects. But it is a real force out there, and from time to time you might find yourself fighting against it.

(2) Timing:

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When (and How) To Ask For A Raise

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When and How To Ask For A RaiseHere's a question I hear a lot:

“Should I ask for a raise this year?”

Well, the answer depends on your length of time on the job so far.

If you’ve been working in your job for at least one year, then my answer is:

"Yes! Ask for the raise."

However, if you’ve only been working for your company for a few months, then my answer is:

Wednesday, 22 May 2019 08:14

There Is No “But”

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There Is No ButI have a quick tip for today that I think will help.

It applies not only for job interviews, but also for annual reviews, salary negotiations, and, in fact, any kind of "difficult" conversation.

Here it is:

Pay close attention to when and how you use the word "but".

In fact, if you can, get rid of it altogether.

(You can often use "and" instead.)

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