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5 Tips to Make your Commute Fun and Stress Free

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5 Tips to Make your Commute Fun and Stress FreeHow much time do you usually spend commuting to and from work daily? If you always have to spare an extra hour or so each day for commuting, you’re not alone. Commuting has been part of a lot of people’s way of living, especially those who are residing in the metropolitan area. And while it’s something we all have gotten used to, are you really aware how it’s taking a toll on your health and overall wellbeing?

Regardless of the type of public transportation you take, commuting is known to be a major source of stress, especially when you have to deal with heavy flow of traffic and delays. It’s one of the least enjoyed activities by most people since it eats up a huge chunk of time that could have been spent for more important things. And while commuting has always had a bad rap, it also offers a number of benefits if we look at it differently. Use these tips to help make your commute fun and stress-free.

Use this time to learn something new
If you’re spending about 30 minutes to an hour on the road every day commuting, take this chance to learn something new. You may read books or listen to podcasts and audiobooks. The topics may or may not be related to your career and that’s okay. The important thing is that this time is used for something productive and enriching.

Find fun things to pass the time
Commuting is, needless to say, boring especially when you’re unlucky enough to get stuck in the traffic. However, it doesn’t have to be something that should be perceived as a waste of time because there are some fun things you can do to be entertained while commuting. Barely have time to catch up on your social media or play your favorite online game? Do it while taking the public transportation and unbothered.

Practice meditation
If you think meditation isn’t possible in the midst of noise and chaos of commuting, you thought wrong. Taking the bus or train to work can be a good time to be mindful and focus your attention to your surroundings. Doing this will help calm your mind and lower stress levels.

Listen to music
Music is an excellent tool to boost one’s mood. Start your day on the right foot by listening to a relaxing or upbeat music to help decrease your anxiety and reduce stress. Classical music is also highly recommended but if you’re not into the classics, create a playlist of all your feel-good songs and play them as you commute daily to and from work.

Touch Base with friends and family
How often do you catch up with friends and family, especially the ones who live far from you? If you haven’t been spending a lot of time chatting or talking to them, the time spent commuting can be used to touch base with them. Make use of this time to maintain meaningful connections in your life.

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