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4 Tips for Turning Down a Job Offer Gracefully

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4 Tips for Turning Down a Job Offer GracefullySo, you’ve been spending quite some time looking and applying for jobs and positions you’ve been considering for a long time now. You’ve attended a number of interviews hoping that the ideal career you could only wish for is soon going to become a reality. The next thing you know is you find yourself baffled at the number of options laid before you on the table. Of course, you’ll take the most ideal job offer. So what happens with the rest? You’ll have to turn them down and it isn’t always easy.

So if you’re not sure how to gracefully and politely turn down a job offer, here are some tips you might find handy.

Decide on the reason for turning down the job offer
By the time you’ve chosen which job to actually turn down, you pretty much should have decided why you’re rejecting this particular job. However, if you aren’t sure, the best thing to do is to actually go back to the criteria of what you’re really looking for in a job. Are you looking for something that resonates your passion and personal interests? Or something that’s lucrative in terms of salary? Is it a job that you know can open more opportunities for growth in the future? Once you have determined these things, it would become easier for you to explain the reason for declining the offer of a company.

Determine how you’d like to get the message across
Now that you have already figured out the reason for turning down a job offer, the next thing you’ll have to decide on is which communication medium to use. While sending an email can be an option, the first thing you must try first is doing it through a phone call. Try to call the hiring manager first but if you’re unable to reach them, then sending an email should be your next step.

Show gratitude and appreciation
Never forget to thank the company you’re turning down for considering your application. Thank the hiring manager for the time they spent on your application and conducting the interview. It may be part of their job to filter potential candidates but just imagine how much of their time was spent on going through every application they get, checking social media profiles and analyzing every interview.

A genuine thank you note wouldn’t hurt so go ahead and send that “thank you”. It can go a long way.

Keep in touch with the people you met
Sending the message across that you’re turning down an offer doesn’t have to mean the end of your relationship with the people you met. You will never know when you’ll be bumping into these people again so it would be nice to exchange a few conversations about future work-related events or conferences perhaps. Wish them well and again, thank them for their time.

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